mainttaining a healthy family relationship long distance


Maintain A Healthy

Long Distance Family Relationship




























One of the most important thing that matters in life is the relationships that we’ve

got with people and the very first group that comes to mind is family , growing up

you spent a lot of time with your parents and siblings.Even though we might not

live forever on earth , its the memories that we share which will outlive all of us but

in this day and edge were its become easier to work from different parts in the



Its really essential for parents to find ways of being involved in the lives of their

family even if you’re far away from home because being separated from your

family can ruin your relationship , providing your family is a huge responsibility

and sometimes you’ll have to travel some places else to make that happen but

this doesn’t mean that you’d have to lose the bond you created.


Here are some of the things that you can do if you’re far away , as this will help

you benefit the way your able to relate your with your family because not being

able to sit down with them in person can make you feel a little bit empty.

















Start Scheduling Your Time


The first step you’ll have to take when it comes to staying connected with your

family while you’re far away is by setting up time to talk with them , the great thing

about technology is that it makes it  easier for you to connect over long distances

and this makes you feel like you’re right there with them but its really essential for

you to make sure that you pick the right times during the week to talk.


Even though you’re looking to be more involved in the lives of your kids , its  also

good to consider that they’ve also got things to do during the day like school and

other activities.Knowing what time would be good for you would make it easier for

you to remain connected with whats going on in their lives .



Remember The Important Dates


The moment that you spent your children whilst you’re together are what made

the house feel more like a home , which is its really good to remember the

important dates because its the thought that counts when it comes to birthdays

and imagine the look on they’re face if you’d forget.


Its not the best thing to forget the birthdays and important moments in the lives of

your family ,  because you being further away and getting to member is what can

mean so much to them but it shouldn’t stop there.The best thing that you can do is

send them a gift , make your presence felt by giving them something that they


















Family Holidays


Another thing that you’ll have to do if you’re looking to maintain a stable long

distance family relationship is to make an effort to be with each other over the

holiday , being together is always great but if you aren’t able to visit them

frequently.Then it would be perfectly fine for you to clear up some time in your

schedule to pay them a visit ,  seeing you at the door would be a big surprise and

this would make the entire family smile.


Even though these tips are for your long distance relationship , its also important

for you to be able to see your children each year because being able to have a

great time with them will only make more memories that will last forever.



Activities With Your Family


Just because you’re not with them it doesn’t mean that you still cant have fun ,

parenting is all about finding create ways of being involved with your children and

the best way to do this is through their interest.


If there are television shows that your children love to watch then it would be great

for you to have a watch part because having movie night doesn’t mean that you’ll

have to be in the same place , gaming is another way for you to connect with your

kids that will keep them entertained.


Being able to find something that you’ll be able to do together even when your far

apart that will allow you to stay connect to each other , its important for you to be

open to try anything because its all about bonding with your children.








Having a family group chat is another fun way to stay connected with your family ,

there are so many mobile apps that will help you stay in tough with whats going

on in their lives because maintaining a strong long distance relationship as a

family is what will keep you closer to each other.


So don’t allow the separation to keep you out of the loop because its really easy

 to lose contact with them but it’ll all up to you the parents , to makes sure that you

keep try to be more present in their lives.It doesn’t always have to be grand but

even a simple text from you will put a smile on their face.


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