How to make your children listen


How To Make Your Children Listen More





























Having children that are obedient to their parents , is always something that we

would all like to impart in our children.When your children are able to listen to the

adults in the household , it just becomes easier for everyone to live in harmony

and enjoy the company of one another. The reality of parenting is that our children

are still growing older and this means that at times , they might act inappropriately

towards you the parent.


Getting a child that doesn’t listen to start following orders can often be a challenge

and this might leave us as parents , feeling like we haven’t done a good job on

parenting our children.However , you don’t really need to feel this way because

you’re not the only parent feeling this way.To help you get your children to start

respecting you whenever you ask them to so something , we’ll look at some of the

few small and easy things you can do to ensure that they listen.


Even though you might get what you need from this post , you’ll have to give your

children alittle bit of time to ensure that they get to change.In a post written by

Gretchen Rubin from Psychology Today , it was stated that 21 days might not be

enough time for a person to develop good habits.Which is something each of us

as parents should keep in mind , but this shouldn’t demoralize you from changing

your childs behavior because time goes by fast.Seeing your children start paying

more attention to the things you say makes it more worth it.Below are some of the

things you can do , if your looking to get your child to listen and respect you more.

















Don’t Make Things Difficult For Them


Whenever you give your children a particular set of tasks to do , ensure that you

make it easy for them to follow.Making sure that you don’t say too many words

and actually simplify things , will give your children less of a reason not to follow

what they’ve been told.One way you can do this is by coming up with a list house



Using this list to simplify your directions for the things the couldn’t , keep things

more organized.Also don’t be in the habit of giving them chore or tasks that they

can’t handle , because they might not be able to complete each of their chores in

time and correctly.So start by giving them one thing , then the next after they

complete what their doing to make it easier for them



Listen To Your Children


The only way to handle kids when they aren’t really acting in the right way and not

following the directions you give them , is by taking a different angle and looking

at things from a different point of view.


Taking the time to listen to what they’ve got to say is actually very important ,

because they might have a reason as to why they didn’t follow through.As parents

, you’ll have to remember that our children also get to have a chance to express

themselves.It could be that on that particular day , come thing might have been

bothering them and this got them in a bad mood.


So getting to listen to whatever your children have to say is very important , don’t

always try to assume that your kids are acting stubborn because they might be

something that’s making them unhappy and act in this manner.Lending your ear

will also allow them to open up to you more , which will only help you improve

your relationship that you’ve got.To avoid any misunderstandings , you’ll have to

pay more attention if you want a great relationship.Check a this Post on the Skill

You Need website its very helpful.



Try To Be Nice


Being polite is something that each parent would like their kids to be , but when

you’re constantly yelling at them to do something.It seems like the whole being

polite thing goes outside the window , setting a good example for your children is

very important.


Which is why even when they get to throw their tantrums at you , you’ll still have

to try and approach them in a much more calm manner.Doing this will allow them

to be more open to listening to you , getting to talk over each other won’t add to

anything but more noise.So this is why you need to make sure that when trying to

get them to pay attention to you , make sure that you get to them the way you’d

want to be approached.


















Do You Have A Good Relationship ?


Whenever your child might be acting stubborn or having a bad attitude towards

you , one thing you’ll have to do is ask yourself what the current state of your

relationship with them is like.If you’ve got a bad connection with your children , it

would be difficult for them to get orders from you.


Reflecting on the way you treat your loved ones, might help you find ways of

improving your bond with them.Having a special relationship with your children will

make it easier for you to communicate with them , the only way to have a great

relationship with them is to spend time with them.We encourage parents to be

actively involved in the lives of your kids , having family night or a group activity

once a week can help you stay connected.



Your Kids Attention


At times you might be trying to call for your children but they might not seem to

answer , not because they don’t want to but they’re occupied with something of

their own.So parents have to keep this in mind whenever their asking of their

children , making sure that they’ve gotten rid of all distractions before you’ve given

them your directions will ensure that they follow through.


Children can be occupied with the their video games and Television shows and

when you call them , it’s hard for them to draw their attention to you , which is

another reason why you shouldn’t just assume things.



Good Influence


Our children get to view alot of things on the internet and also on Television ,

which can have a big impact on them and make them to start treating you

differently.If your children aren’t reading the right type of content thats appropriate

for their age , it can change their behavior and attitude not only towards you but

everyone else.


Parents should give their children content that will build them up and not break

them , but there are other things that might influence them into acting differently.

Like for instance , the people that they surround themselves with can also be part

of the cause.



















Young children need to learn the value of being able to follow instructions and be

obedient , which is where discipline comes n.This doesn’t mean that you get to act

harsh on your child , because there are much easier ways of disciplining a that

doesn’t listen without yelling at them.


Getting to sit down with them to talk about how their acting , is always a great way

to impact change. To show them the value of being disobedient you might want to

come up with some consequences , which means a slap on the wrist if they act

stubborn.These shouldn’t really be used as a means to give things that they can’t

do , so try to be more considerate.Children are prone to occasionally go astray but

discipline, make it less likely.



Getting Professional Help


Receiving professional help from people that are qualified in this field will allow

you to help handle your child better , you can either set an appointment with a

family counselor or access some help online.Platforms like positive parenting

solutions will help you handle such kind of behavior as well as others , making you

a better parent.


Using these ways to help you better your children , will help you set them up for a

great attitude.Of course it may take some time for them to change but getting

them to be more obedient , has to be worth it.


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