Refuse to make the same mistakes


Refuse To Make The Same Mistakes



































Making mistakes is one thing that makes us human and even though when we beat

ourselves up about the situation , the truth is we cannot change the past but the best

approach that us as individuals can take.


Is ensuring that the same mistakes aren’t made twice because learning from the bad

decisions that we make allow us to be better people , not only for ourselves but others

too.Its the ability to put our actions into play which helps us cope with the bad experiences

through life.


Nobody is perfect and having misjudged a situation doesn’t make the next person better ,

its all about being able to adapt  . The best reason to move past your failures is because

there’s so many opportunities to look forward in the future but its the choices we make

today , that ultimately give us this leverage.



Stop Repeating The Same Mistakes


If you keep on finding yourself in the same predicament and your look for ways to stop

repeating the same mistakes , the first place to start is knowing why it happens because

most of the time.


Its the build up to certain moments that causes us to make errors and this is why its really

essential for individuals to find ways of setting themselves up for success because when

you don’t take the necessary steps in life , then its most of your efforts are going to end up

with in a bad result.


Following through with your plans by putting them into action is what fulfills those personal

expectations , its always essential to control the thing in front of us and let life do the rest.

Remember to put yourself in a better positions , whenever you’ve got the opportunity to do


















Regret is a feeling that comes with  making mistakes and whenever your mind dwells to

long on these moments , you start to limit your own potential .


The lack of self confidence will prevent you from trying the same activity or even doing

something different and  in order to stop making the same mistake over again , you’ll need

to forgive yourself because the truth is we tend to beat ourselves up the most.


Looking in the mirror after something has gone wrong is difficult for anyone , however life

gives us another opportunity to be better and its called tomorrow.Having to carry the past

with you is only going to bring sad memories , forgiving yourself and learning from that

moment will allow growth in your life.


Sweeping the past mistakes under the carpet is what leaves room for individuals to repeat

them , don’t let these things way you down and learn to let go.



When we know who you are , it becomes much easier for us as individuals to figure out

what our strengths and weakness are in various areas of our life .


Being able to truly understand yourself is the greatest key to success because it prevents

you from leading yourself down a path that might not be good for you , trying to do things

we aren’t accustomed to can be very challenging.


Which is why staying true to yourself is going to save you from a lot of disappointments

and leave room for more development , don’t follow what other people are doing but focus

on you at all times because what works for others might not have the same result in your



The only way to full understand who you are is though self reflection , spending sometime

at the end of the day to review what you could have improved on is a good way to better

yourself.Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is only going to keep you

in the same loop , further trapping you from making progress.

















The way you look at the world is how it looks back at you and in as much as causing a

blunder is negative , always try to stay positive throughout these moments.Self motivation

is an essential aspect of life and even though having affirmations might seem small , it can

really help you set the tone when you wake up in the morning.


These situations shouldn’t define who you’re as a person because as long as other people

have overcome the same situations then you can do it too , ultimately taking the next step

is solely up to you .


Stop holding yourself back from being the best version you can be by not taking action

today , leaving change for later is only going to push your progress back and further daily

the progression from taking place .


Mistakes only remain mistakes when you choose not to learn from them and repeating

them only cause you to go through the same struggles that you experienced ,  start

something new by doing something new.




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