why money doesnt buy happiness


Why Money Doesn't Buy Happiness




































Money can buy you alot of things that will help you impact your life and make it

better , but one of the few things that cannot be bought is true happiness.In a

world where social media platforms are all about getting to show everybody else

what you’re living “ the good life “ , not being able to have some of the things that

we see or not having those luxury lifestyles.


Can easily make anyone feel like their life isn’t worthless and are wasting their

days , which may not be entirely true at all.Money doesn’t mean everything in life

and learning is why you don’t need it to enjoy your life , might help you see things

from a different point of view.



Trends Come & Go


One of the reasons why basing your happiness on material things is that , trends

come and go.Everything in the world has its own timing and getting to find the

latest trends this year alone , will coast you a whole lot of money.The things that

are of value today , might not be the same as those tomorrow and so will your

happiness.If you’re looking to feel this way for along period of time , then

concentrating on things that can easily change is not the way to go.


If you’re always looking to put a smile on by buying the latest clothes or the best

phone , it won’t last long because they’ll be something better later own in life.Of

course , having new things is always great but that shouldn’t be the many reason

for your joy and that’s one of the small things to remember.
















Our Happiness Comes From Within


Another thing that you’ll also need to think about when having more joy in your life

,is that only you know what makes you happy.Its possible for you to get all the

money that in the world and still feel unhappy , because finances doesn’t

guarantee your happiness.If you weren’t feeling good before accumulating wealth

, its not going to be very difficult for you to feel better after that.


Being yourself is what will allow you to find what you need to keep enjoying your

life , even when things won’t be going your way.The truth is , even when you’re

rich you’ll still have problems because money doesn’t make you less human.


Getting by these bad times is something will need you to be joyful , having a great

character is something that cannot be bought by money and its even more

valuable.As it lasts a longer period of time , which is why you need to think

differently about your life.



Money Means Work


If you’re looking to feel better by having alot more wealth then , you need to know

that some work needs to be put in.Nothing happens if you’re not willing to put in

the time , so you thinking that you’ll be happy by getting more cash.Then be

prepared to push through all the adversity that effort , being successful also

comes with failure and this can make you very unhappy in alot of ways.


Which is why you’ll need to have a positive attitude from before , as it does take

alot of time to come up with that cash.So don’t feel like that path is going to be

easy , cause it takes alot of work to be successful in whatever you’ll want to do.
















Friendships & Relationships Cannot Be Bought


Having good moments in life , will often mean spending some time with friends or

family and this is why we need to be more appreciative of the people around

us.Even tough money can take you to nice places , whats the point of being able

to go somewhere nice without the people that make you feel good and make us

enjoy our day.Just because you may not have all those things that you’ll see on

luxury social media , it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy yourself.


Friends and family are the only groups of people that will cheer you up when you

seem to be going through difficult moments and that’s why money cannot buy

everything , because the relationships that we create with our family members

and our close friends are priceless.



Life Is More Than Money


Our lives are more than precious because we’re able to do so much with them

and sometimes , its the small things that we get to do with the opportunities that

we’ve been given.That will allow us to stay happy and put a smile on yourself ,

however.Life is not always about you and getting to impact other peoples life lives

,is what will make it better.


Its not always about who does the most but its the impact that you get to make ,

cheering up someone on a rain day.Doesn’t need to take alot out of you , when

you can just reach out and make their day feel alot better.



You getting to wake up and enjoy the day that you’ve been given shouldn’t really

involve money because its not all that you need , life has got so much more to

offer and when you get to experience new things.It can make things better and

find a new look on life , so don’t always look at things and feel that you need

materialistic items to feel good.


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Date : 01 Feb 2020

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