Why montoring your childrens internet usage is essential


Why Parents Should Monitor Childrens Internet Usage







































With a bulk of our children’s information being available to them on the internet ,

its only right for most parents to be concerned about what the actually do on their

phones.According to a post by Monica Anderson on parents , teens and digital

monitoring.Its was stated that over 60% of the parents that took part in a pew

research survey , have checked which websites their children have visited and

social media profiles.


This just goes to show how much parents are getting involved with their children’s

internet use , even though we wouldn’t want you to fully invade your kids

privacy.Here are some of the reasons why you should monitor your childs internet

activity every now and then , especially if they aren’t in their teens yet.




















Quality Content


One of the main reasons why you need to have access to your child’s internet use

, is to check what kind of content they might be viewing.There are so many things

that are available on the devices that they’ve got and its easy for the young ones

to find information that might not be appropriate for their age group , it becomes

very simple for their behaviour to be influenced by the things around them .


which is why it isn’t such a bad idea to look through your kids devices once in a

while.Making sure that they read and view the right kind of information when their

browsing , will help them grow and develop.



Screen Time


With all the other activities that they’ve got to do like concentrating on academics ,

it would be helpful for you to know just how much time they spend on their

phones.Reducing this time ,if you find out they spend too much time on glued to

their screens.Will allow them to use those hours on things that are more important

that will add to their lives and besides , when they get to use up all their minutes

on the web.


It can have a very negative impact on their well being , parents need to try and set

their kids up for success in life.Especially when it comes to their academics ,

monitoring their data usage would help you improve their path to success.If

they’re using their devices excessively , am sure you’d rather they do something

productive than be on Instagram all day.






















With all the good things that come with technology , cyberbullying is something

that isn’t great at all. Most of the platforms that our kids use ( social media ) are

great for communication but they’re some bad apples , that tend to abuse people

verbally as their online and this can have a very negative impact on our

children.This can make them feel bad about themselves and in some cases , has

even made teenagers take their own lives.


The safety of your kids is very important and its a huge reason why you’d start

looking through their phones in the first place.Going through their internet logs can

help you put an end to this movement and keep the web a better place for our

children,Its hard for you to know if your children are doing okay when you don’t

talk to them , which is a great reminder to check up on them.



Identity Theft


Another reason why you’d start monitoring your childs internet usage is to help

protect your personal information from falling into the hands of scammers ,

according to a post on Consumer Affairs By Rob Douglas( Trends and statistics

about identity theft).It was stated that children are also liable to be targeted by

these people because of their social security numbers and it was also advised for

parents to monitor their childrens credit card reports , having your personal

information stolen can put you in a whole lot of problems and you can stand to

lose alot of your money.Which is why its essential for you to keep track of the

purchases that are used on your card.


Following with the theme of protecting personal information , them being online

also puts them in front of many people that might have bad intentions for

them.Which many not be monetary but it could be for other reasons as well , that

can have a very negative impact on their character and you being able to pick out

the suspicious behaviour as soon as it starts.Would really benefit them in the long

run and maybe , which makes having a look through their phones not so bad after





















Tracking Locations


In case of emergencies , parents should be able to locate the where abouts of

their kids and only through monitoring apps that are available to us.That enable us

to do just that , most parents might feel like this is invading their privacy.However ,

its always good that you’re prepared for emergencies.



If you’ve been looking for a reason why you might need to monitor your childrens

screens from time to time , maybe you can see the benefits of this after reading

this post.Even though its all about keeping our children safe , its important for

parents not to be strict and become too controlling of the things that they get to

see on their phones.


The phones that they’ve got only makes it easy for them to receive information

that they need to gain knowledge and you being to strict on what they do , can

only limit the chances of them being able to learn new things.You providing them

with quality content will allow them to be gain the appropriate information , so

don’t become too paranoid about what their doing.


Parents are meant to guide their children onto the right path and not force them

into doing something , when the internet is used the right way.It can be one of the

best sources of content for our children but using it wrongly , can damage them.




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Date : 12 Jan 2021

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