Whats the most important thing about parenting


Whats The Most Important Thing About Parenting ?









































Raising children can be a roller coaster that seems to keep on going because you

never know what to expect , but its hard for any parent to say that parenting

doesn’t bring them joy and happiness.As their guardians , you’ve got so many

things you’ll have to do in their lives ranging from teaching them good manners to

making sure that you provide the very best for them.


Which can feel like a hand full at times and this makes being a mom or day a bit

tough but knowing some of the most important things in parenting is what will

make raising your child a little bit of  a cake walk , here are the things you should

concentrate on more when it comes to your kids.



Kids Need A Model


Children get to learn a lot of things from home and that’s why the phrase , “Charity

begins at home”. Is a necessary one to remember for every parent because you’ll

need to realize that children get to know more things from you and most of the

time this is what they’ll get to apply in their lives , which is why you’ll have to be a

good role model for them and be the person that they need to have a brighter



This is one of the most important aspects of successful parenting because when

you get to practise what you preach , its becomes really easy for you to be a good

example for them on the way they should live life and treat other people the meet.




















Love & Relationships


The only way to have a good relationship with your kids is by making sure that

you show them how much you love and care about them , no parent would like to

see their child feeling uncared for but when you’re affectionate with your children.


It becomes easier to have a solid connection which every mother would want to

have with their daughters and lets not forget that children have days where

they’ve been though a lot of pressure but getting through to them during such

times would only be possible if they feel comfortable about opening up to you ,

which only happens when you’ve built a good relationship together.


How often have you told your children that you love them ? , showing them your

love is what will make them feel special and getting to see a smile on their faces is

something that every parent would want to see.



Being Active In Their Lives


The best way to ensure that your children do well in whatever their doing is by you

being more supportive and active in their activities.An important aspect of being a

successful parent is getting to show your children that you’ll support them every

step of the way , its easy for parents to buy out the love of their children through

gifts and this is very wrong because nothing will replace your physical presence.


Doing this also teach your children that money is the only thing that can put a

smile on their face which isn’t true at all because even the smallest things like

attending their sports events , will make them feel special and loved making it

even more of a reason for you to start being active in their lives.




















Try To Understand


Another lesson for parents when it comes to raising children is that you’ll need to

be more understanding about whatever they do because your kids will make a lot

of mistakes from time to time and your remaining calm is what will allow them to

keep on trying to get better , the most important thing about parenting is

remembering that you’re raising your children to have a positive attitude for the

long term and not just for the remainder of the year.


So you getting upset all the time is only going to limit them from trying what they

can because the funny thing is that you were also a child at some point , so don’t

be to harsh on them because you also passed through that phase as well.



Be Willing To Persevere


Another thing that’s more important than discipline when it comes to raising

children is willingness to keep on trying to improve their lives because its very

easy for parents to quit on them because they might not be doing what you want

them to but you shouldn’t stop trying , you’ll have to be willing to continue putting

in the right amount of effort if you want to see things change for the better.


We’d want our children to be so many things in life but you can’t expect them to

do something if you’re not willing to walk them through it , even though kids aren’t

going to change now it doesn’t mean that they can change tomorrow because

things look different with time.






One of the most important things parents need to provide their children is a

positive environment because they need to feel your warmth and comfort , a good

space is what will allow them to develop all the good characters that you’d like to

instill in them because its all about setting your children up for a good life and

these things are what will allow you to get things done.


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