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Being able to put a smile on your childrens face each and everyday is something

am sure most of us might be aiming to do , but one if the things that might get in

the way of this are the words that we utter towards our children.In an article about

the effects of negative words by  Jennifer Gunner , it was mentioned that the words

we use can have a long lasting effect on their lives.


With that being said its very essential for parents to be mindful of the words they

use when talking to kids , but what are the kind of things parents should never say

to their children ?.To help answer this question , I’ll give you some of the

examples of the common negative things which most kids go through.


Its important to note that some of these things might not really seem to be rude or

vulgar , but they do have a negative impact on our children.So it doesn’t always

have to have strong language to be bad as you’ll get to see in the examples.






















“You Won’t Be Successful”


Am sure each of us as parents would like to see our children aspire to do better

with their lives and achieve success , telling them that they’ll never make it.Is a

sign of bad parenting because , you’re supposed to be the first person to boost

them and not bring them down.Discouraging them from achieve what they want

would really affect their confidence , as well as their self esteem.


Everyone is great in order to help your children tap into that , you need to be able

to inspire them and cheer them on , even when they seem like they aren’t doing to

well in school or any other activity.Being the positive figures in their lives and uplift




“Why Can’t You Be Like Your Brother / Sister “


Most parents are in the habit of drawing a comparison between their children ,

which is not the right thing to do.The thing that makes people who they are , is

that they aren’t the same.When it comes to behaviour , every child has to be well

manner but it doesn’t mean that you pressure them into being like their

siblings.Being unique means that you’ll have to do things differently and am sure ,

there are better ways to make your child adopt a good attitude.


So instead of comparing your children , be happy that they aren’t the same and

continue to encourage them to be different.parents should try to make them live a

life that’s not meant for them , so it okay if their different.



“I Always Go Out Of My Way For You “


One of the main responsibilities that you need to provide the your children , giving

them what they need will help them do and achieve more,It’ll also keep them

happy as well but one thing that’s important is that , you shouldn’t tell them that

your constantly going out of your way to get what they need.


This is because they’re your children , saying things like this makes it sound like

you don’t really like to provide for them.There is no such thing as going out of your

way for the ones you love , but this doesn’t mean that you make them feel

entitled. Like we said earlier , its about giving them what they need and not what

they want.This doesn’t mean that you should get the stuff they like , but try to

make develop the attitude of forcing you to get what they want.



“I Wish You Where Different”


Even if your kids might have done something that you may not have liked , its

essential that you refrain from using harmful phrases such as this one.Earlier we

said that no two children are the same and thats what makes them unique make

the world better , wishing that they’re different can have a very negative effect on

your teenagers self esteem.


Parents have to remember that our children look to us for comfort and security

whenever you say things like this , it makes very hard to express themselves.Your

child is special and it should always be like that no matter what.






















“I Don’t Care About Your Opinion”


As the adults of the home , its easy for us to think that the opinions of our children

don’t really matter to us and this is wrong.Getting to hear your children out will

allow you to get closer to them and find better ways to handle everything there

feeling , providing a good environment for them to grow up in , all starts with the

way you’re able to communicate with each other.So make and effort to listen to

whatever your child has to say and this will help them open up to you even more ,

making it easier for the two of you to find ways to deal with whatever problems

you’ve got.



“Money Will Make You Happy”


Every though money will give you the ability to do more with your life , it doesn’t

mean that it’ll make you you happy and this is one thing you need to teach your

children from a young age.Being to focused on money at a small age can cause

them to become spoiled , you’ve got to tell them that being happy only happens

when you enjoy what you’re doing, Being positive minded is definitely something

you’ll need to teach them to be.



“When I Was Your Age , I Was Different “


There’s nothing wrong with telling them stories about your childhood but just try

not to compare what you accomplished , with what your kids are currently.Even

though you might be helping them to be more motivated or focused in life , you

don’t have to down play their achievements.Things are different and this means

that they might not look at things the same way as you , so use your life to help

them and not break them.



“Its Only Boys Or Girls That Can Do That “


Children should be able to be inspired to do anything that they put there mind to ,

limiting them by saying that only a particular gender can completely a set of

tasks.Everyone has the ability to do anything they want to and teaching your son

or daughter this from a young age , is one of the most important things that you’ll

have to do.






















“You’ll Never Change Your Attitude “


If your child might have a bad attitude , its important to continue encouraging

them to do better but that can take sometime to do.Our children and teens are still

growing older , so it might take a while for them to come around and you telling

that they’ll never get to change.Might only demoralize them even more , which will

only make the process take longer so feeling them with positivity is what will make

them better people.



“You’re Not Good Enough”


Being told that you’re not good enough will lower there self esteem and

confidence they have in themselves , your children should always be good

enough to accomplish something and it all starts by you being able to feed them

with the right energy.


Parents should always tell their children that they can be anyone that they choose

,never let them feel like they aren’t good enough to somebody.



“I told You , You’re Always Wrong “


Even though you tell your children to do something and they don’t follow , you’ll

have to try and help be better instead of telling them that there always

wrong.Sometimes our kids might do something not because they want to but ,

they might think that its right because they’re in the moment.so don’t always

assume that its bad behaviour.



“Just Be Like Everyone Else “


Parents should let their children do what the would want to do , when they pick

the things that they love will keep them happy and seeing them smile is worth

alot.So don’t try and tell them to follow what there friends are doing , let them be

unique in whatever they choose.Especially when you’re looking at your teenage

children , you’re supposed to guide them and not try to make the pick something

that they don’t love.


So those are some of the things that can impact your children negatively , learn to

be mindful of the things that we tell our children and hopefully you’ll be able to

improve the way you talk to them.





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