What to do when your not feeling like yourself


What To Do When You're Not Feeling Like Yourself





























Being unique us what makes each of us different , but sometimes going through

life can be quite challenging for all of us.With all the activities that we get to do

during the day , ranging from working to looking after our families and not

forgetting all the things that we get to do in betweenThese things that we occupy

ourselves with can leave us feeling like we aren’t ourselves , which can cause us

to have a very negative impact on our mood during the day and this might also

affect our performances at our respective places of work.In this post we’ll try to

help you restore your mojo by looking at a few things that you can do to help you

feel like yourself again.



The main reason the people that are around you like your friends and family , are

attracted to you not because of what you’ve got physically but its for your

character.Sure life can through alittle bit of curve balls at you once in a while , but

if you’re we’re able to remain true to ourselves.Am sure will be able to see the

light at the end of the tunnel , so if you’re not feeling like the way you usually do

then don’t worry.

















Spend Some Time Alone


Whenever you might be feeling off on a particular day , one of the best things to

so is get away from all the hustle and bustle of the day.Having a good minute all

alone can help you figure out how to get back in your grove , just being able to

decompress and relax from the day that you had is very important for all of us.

Being all alone for some , might sound like a boring way to spend your time.

However , its when you’re by yourself that you get to think properly and this is

because you’ll be less distracted by things you usually surround yourself



Having a good break from all technology would also be another great thing to

do , this way you can free your mind from all the social media posts.You can think

of it as social media detoxing , just being able to disconnect from everything

around you and taking sometime all to yourself might just be what you need to

find out who you really are.I know that this might sound like something small to do

but , spending time alone is very beneficial for self care.



Do What You Like


The other way that you can get to regain your personality whenever you don’t feel

good today or any other day is by getting to do something that you like , having a

hobby is a very good way of maintaining your character and doubles up as a way

to spend your time being productive.Getting to do the things you love and keep

you smiling , is a great recipe for eliminating all the stress as well as negativity

energy from your lifestyle.If wondering whether you’ve got a hobby and are think

you need one so badly , just relax because you don’t have to rush into it.


Its all about being occupied with the things that keep you happy , if taking a walk

can put a smile on your face then go ahead or maybe shopping is kinda thing you

like to do.Well don’t just spend too much , in a post about how happiness affects

health on The American Heart Association website.It was mentioned that being

positive can be very beneficial for our health.Doing the things that keep us smiling

can help us remember who we are and also help us know the things that are

more important to us as well.If you don’t have a hobby , this would be the right

time to pick something that you’ve always loved to do.
















Open Up To Someone About It


One of the hardest things that people get to do is getting to open up about their

problems , being able to talk about these the stuff that is troubling us with other

people can allow us to start feeling like our usual selves again.To make this

process easier on you , try to talk to the people that have always been their for

you such as your friends and family.Having these people around you on the days

when you’re not feeling right , will be their to provide you with the emotional

support that you need.


The connection that you’ve got with them will allow you to talk about your

problems and they might help you find whats actually causing you to feel that way

, but if you want a more professional way of handling this then you can step up an

appointment with your therapist.Having a professional look point of view

especially when it comes to comes to your mental health , expressing yourself

and your emotions in front of your loved ones can be a very useful thing to do.



Soul Searching


With over 90% of the entire worlds population being involved with one religion or

another , it wouldn’t really be outlandish to think of getting in touch with your

spiritual side whenever you don’t feel like yourself.Most of the religions have

teachings that you can follow and taking a look at them when you’re having a bad

day , is actually a good idea.Being connected spiritually would be more of a

benefit and it can have a big impact on your mood.















Listen To Something Inspiring


Having an off day when you just have no idea about who you are , happens to the

best of us but staying in that position isn’t a good option for you.That’s why you’ll

have to make sure that you feed yourself with things which will take your mood

from 0 to 100 real quick , playing your favorite music has to be one of the

effortless ways that you can get right back to the top of your mood.Just have

some decent speakers that will give you that quality sound , so that you can feel

the bass more can make your session more lively. There are other things that you

can do to uplift yourself when you feel low.


Listing to some motivational stories and inspiring talks about life’s moments can

also have a positive impact on your mood.Listening to some words by Demi Demi

, can give you that extra boost you need and also have a laugh while you’re at it.

If you’re into reading books , why not try to look at something positive for

yourself.Being able to do the small things like this can be another way to get that

extra boost in morale.




Staying positive minded whenever you feel like your not okay is important , being

positive is something that will make you turn a your negative day into a good

one.Those are a few of the easy things that you might want to try , during those

days when you’re feeling off. Always do things that keep you happy and relaxed ,

causing putting in too much time at work without taking a break.


Might just be what’s causing you to go through all that anxiety that will make you

feel like you’re not yourself.Always stay happy and have the time to take care of

you , by having alittle bit of self care strategies to use.Hopefully you’ve gotten a

few things that you can do when you feel low , being you is what makes the

people around you happy and smile.


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