Effects of nt spending time with family


Effects Of Not Spending Time With Your Family

























Parenting comes with alot if responsibility making sure our children are feed to

providing all the necessary things they need to have a successful life , which

sounds like a handful.However , the basic thing that each parent would need to do

is spend quality time with their children.Getting to have quality time with them will

help them improve your relationship in alot of ways , In order for you to

understand the value of this.It would be best if you look at the kind of impact your

absence would have on your family.


By looking at the side effects , it might help you to become more willing to be the

pillars in the lives of each member of the household.Here are some of the

common things that you should consider when your thinking of having less time

with your kids.



Communication Boundary


No family time will make it harder for children and parents to communicate , being

able to have a stable connection with them will make it much easier for you to

come up with decisions that involve them. Which is something each parent would

have to consider , because there are some moments when our children might not

follow through with something because they misunderstood it.Which also bring yet

another effect of neglecting your kids , sometimes conflicts in the home may occur

because of the lack of being able to talk and getting to handle any situation that

way is very important.


Will have a negative impact on the way you relate with them , being able to sit

down with them and get to ask about how their day went.As well as getting to talk

about other things will make a huge difference.




Being A Positive Influence


Our children are still growing up and this means that they need to be directed into

the right path by us parents , as this will allow them to grow up to be the people

you want them to be.The only way this will happen is you being able to take the

time out of your day and teaching them valuable life lessons , which would be very

beneficial for building their character.


Parents need to need remember that information can easily be accessed by a

touch of a button and if they view content thats not appropriate for your children to

see.it would have a very big influence on the way they get to behave towards you

,which makes it even more of a reason to be a good role model in their lives.


So try to be their when they need you to be and provide them with guidance , as

well as content that would benefit them.Which is a reminder that we need to be

good role models for our children and displaying all the qualities that you’d want

them to have , is a great start.



Support & Confidence


We’re supposed to be a pillar of support for our children whenever they need us to

be and you getting to neglect them by not sharing your time with them , isn’t really

a great way to look at it.The small things that we do as parents really matter , you

not showing up for your childs soccer game when they asked you to.


Will lower their spirit and leave them with a frown on their face , which no parent

would like to see.Having a one on one time with your family , would allow you to

connect with them on an emotional level and this will definitely help them boost

their spirit when they aren’t in a good mood.


Parents get to play a very big role in raising our children , by encouraging them to

do better and achieve more while their in school or even as you motivate them.Is

the best way of ensuring that they grow up to be the best.Without your support it

would be hard for them to feel like they can change the world they live in.






Being able to put your children through school , will allow them to learn all the

things they need. However , most of the learning they do is done at home.Giving

them help with homework are some of the small things that parents get to do ,

which will make things more fun.


When you don’t get to do this with them , it’ll become harder for them to stay

interested in school and being there for your children in terms of pushing them to

be more active in their school work. Will help them be better.



Bonding & Relationships


Having a good relationship will keep the family closer together , which is one of

the reasons spending time with your children is important.Making sure that you’re

more involved with what they’re doing , is what will make your bond and

relationship even stronger.When you’re not in the habit of having family time

whenever you can , it would only result in a weaker bond between you as a

family.Having a great connection with each other , will make it easier for your

children to open up to you when they’re going through problems.



Having a few minutes of quality time each day can , a huge difference in the way

you’re able to relate with your children.Which you should hopefully be looking into

if you’re trying to improve the way things are in your home , its all about taking

that initial step to promote a healthier relationship and the rest will follow.


It wouldn’t be great if your children look back at their childhood and start to

wander why both of their parents weren’t as involved in their lives , whenever they

compare themselves with their friends.So its all about trying to make the effort to

do better for them and making sure they have a childhood to remember when they

have a family of their own.





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Date : 20 Oct 2020




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