Nothing Lasts Forever


Nothing Lasts Forever































Nothing lasts forever in life and sometimes this is a thought that is really hard for

us to keep in our minds when we’re going through this journey that we call life

because most of the time we take the moments we have for granted , its definitely

not fun at all when you’re experiencing the day to day challenges but the truth is it

won’t always be like this .


We’ve got 365 days in a year and having a few moments that aren’t great doesn’t

make the whole year bad , the reality of this world is that the lives we’ve got can’t

last forever and this is one good reason why you’ll need to appreciate everything

that’s in front of you whether its good or bad because its what you make the most

out of that will define your future.






















So don’t spend most of your time beating yourself up  and looking down on the

kind of situation you’re in because where there’s a will ,  there’s a way and even if

all people are different in there own way.The best asset that we all share is time

because the way you use it , will be what will make your life better in the future

and that’s the way life flows but nothing will every stay the same way forever.



Life is all about ups and downs because if you don’t experiencing the difficult

moments then how are you supposed to fully enjoy the good times , the problems

we face are what keep us alive and you not facing challenges is what will keep

you in the same position as last time because being a better person is all about

working on yourself but that change won’t happen if things aren’t hard at times.


The aim of life is to learn how you can adapt to situations that are in front of you ,

as this is the only way that you’ll be able to survive and keep yourself on the right























So the true meaning of nothing lasts forever is getting to live your life as it is ,

don’t overthink things too much and just go with the flow.


Always be grateful for the opportunities that are in front of you because you’ll

never know when your time on this planet will end , the only thing that lasts longer

than we do are the memories that we get to share with the people around us and

something really important to remember as you walk through life because we also

affect the people around us.


What are you doing with your life know that will make you smile in the future ? ,

never let whats going on around you crush your spirit because everything around

you will start to change when you decide to look at things through a different lens.

Always remember that nothing lasts forever in life






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Date : 06 April 2022



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