Why You shouldnt overprotect your children


Why You Shouldn't OverProtect Your Children













































When it comes to parenting , we’d all want to do the best for our children by

allowing ourselves to be more involved in their lives and keeping them safe but

monitoring your kids for too long.


Might cause you to start sheltering them too much and this might actually affect

them negatively , being present in their lives is what allows you to know how

they’re doing and help them with whatever problems their dealing with.Below are

some of the reasons why parents shouldn’t be overprotective over their kids.







Being involved in their lives is all about being able to guide them or walk them

though this journey called life but when you’re constantly making decisions on

their part and trying to live your life through them , then its going to be harder for

them to find out who they’re.


Parents need to avoid making choices that might be suitable for you and not your

kids because at the end of the day , each guardian would want to see their kids

happy and ensuring that you let them be themselves by giving them a chance to

lead their own life.


So make sure that you’re allowing them to have new experiences that will give

them a different view about life ,  because its doing more things that allow you

smile which  only makes life brighter.






















Childhood Experiences & Life


In life we all make choices because we’re trying to be better and some of the

reasons why parents are overprotective is because of some experiences that

might have happened during their childhood or it might just be due to the fact that

parents are looking to keep them safe , but this doesn’t really have to the case

and parents need to understand that things can be different.


Whenever you’re trying to parent the bad experiences you might have had as a child ,  its

easy for you to overcompensate by tightening up  on your parenting

skills,However , the truth is that you can’t be the perfect parent.


Don’t be to concerned about making mistakes when it comes to your kids and just

do what you can , not everything goes to plan because life always has the

unexpected element and you’ll just have to go with the flow.


We’d all like our children to have lives to be better than ours and this means being

the person that they need to rely own , not someone that will limit what they get to

do all the time.






Failure To Be Independent


Another negative effect of being sheltered as a child is that it becomes really

difficult for them to adapt in life , when you try to do everything for your children

then it wouldn’t be far fetched for them to think that they’ll always be treated like



A huge part of their success would come from being able to do things on their own

, charity begins at home and too much sheltering. Will only prevent them from

becoming independent , so don’t feel like you’re doing them a favor by making

them see the only good things in life and omit the other things because life is a bit

of both.Try to make sure that you raise children that can be able to do things on

their own, because being hard working is what will help you to be more successful

in life.






















Overprotecting your children is something that each parent might be doing without

knowing and hopefully this post has shed some light on this , the world can be a

scary place but most of it’s still good .





Its okay to protect them but just don’t be too controlling because its better for them

to learn things from you rather than learn them by themselves , so don’t be in too

much of a rush to shelter them from reality by doing thing for them all the time but

be a role model that will guide them through life.





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