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Being a parent comes with more good times than bad ones , as you get to see

your children grow into adults. Which am sure has to be one of the best feelings of

accomplishments that I think you’ll ever have but these happy moments are

coupled with alot of tantrums from our children , with the year only having a few



I think it would be a wise choice to actually come up with your very own resolutions

as a parent , having some long terms goals and objectives are very essential.As

this will allow you to plan and provide your children with the best , which will

ensure that they have a childhood that will be fun.


Parents should start to get into the habit of setting objectives and targets with the

way you get to do things , in this post we’ll go through some of the resolutions

which you can continue using throughout the year.


Which might just be what you need to be the better parent for your children , we

would only want the very best for our kids and the only way you’ll be able to do that

is by you actually recognizing that you’ve got to improve.Below are some of the

easy targets that you can set and achieve.




1. A Better Leader


Encouraging our children to become better people by displaying good behavior

and being polite , is something each of us as parents would like to see in our

childrens character.However , making this process easier will only happen if

parents get to set a good example for them.


As the adults in the household , its up to you guys to show your children what kind

of manners are appropriate for them to have.Children look upto their parents for

alot of things and you getting to be a stand up figure in their lives , will make them

aspire to be just like you when they get older.


This shouldn’t just apply to things such as behaviour but it should also be used to

instill other positive habits like having a good attitude towards work , displaying

how hardworking you are each time.Can have a really large impact on the kind of

attitude they’ll develop.




2. Improving Your Child’s Behavior


No parent would like to have an ungrateful or spoiled child , which is why setting a

goal that will help you improve the behavior of your children can be very

beneficial.Getting to make your children to develop good habits will definitely take

a while , so adding this as your goal will allow you to follow through with your plan

by finding valuable information for them.


Working on their attitude through out the month , will better them for the remainder

of the year and on wards.Seeing your kids starting to act in the right way not only

towards you but other people as well , would put a smile on your face and this is

why you should aim at doing it.There are far better ways to discipline a child

without having to yell at them each it and Positive Parenting solutions has got you





3. Time With The Family


Am sure that you’ve got alot of things on your plate , ranging from work to running

other errands. Which will leave you Spending less time with your family but this

has to change this year at the very least.


The main goal of parenting is being able to provide a positive environment for our

kids and being able to have more time with them , will help you improve your

relationship as a family.An involved parents , make it harder for a connection to be

cultivated within the home.


Try to know more about them these year and hangout , get to know the kind of

things they’re into will make your job of picking a gift much easier.Have a couple of

hours at the end of the week to just sit down and do something as a group.Its the

small things like this that make them draw closer to you.




4. Encourage Healthy Family Life


Keeping children is also about ensuring that you leave them healthy , making sure

that you start eating right as a family will improve their well being.Which is

something you’ll have to look into when creating your list of goals , giving them

nutritious meals will allow them to stay active during the day and setting up

monthly appointments with your doctor will also help with that.


Staying fit is also important and with our children staying on their phones , they

seem to be less active during the day.Which must change this time around by

including a weekly family workout session , this will keep the whole house in great





5. Try To Stay Calm


Sometimes its very easy for our children to get on our nerves and this causes us to

overreact , you need to make a change and try to stay as calm as possible.You

need to have a more positive approach because children are prone to make

mistakes as they grow and being patient with them will help you solve the



Try to be more friendly to your children because sometimes they might be a reason

for them acting in such a way and they’ll need your emotional support in such a

situation.So just ensure that you keep yourself more composed whenever you

need to be.





6. Personal Habits


For you to be a better parent you’ll have to try and make sure that you work on

yourself , having some bad habits can rub off your children.Letting go of certain

habits will benefit the family in the long run and this is why you should add it to

your list of goals.


You’ve got to be at your best if you’re looking to provide your best , so going to see

a therapist to talk about any problems you might be facing mentally would be

something worth looking into.Having a family is a team sport and every member

has to be on top of their game , especially the leaders of this team which is you .





7. Better Opportunities


Parents are supposed to give their children a platform which they can use to get

knowledge and other information , which is why as parents you need to make sure

that every year. You try to provide them with better tools that they can use.So

making sure that you attend the parent teacher meetings or giving the right books

to use , would be something that you should be able to do.



Giving your children a more positive environment only happens , when you make

an effort to try and do more for them.Aiming to improve their lives only happens if

you’ve got goals that you’ve set and hopefully the ones that we came up with are

good examples of things that you’ll like to achieve as parents.Be the people that

you’d want your children to look up to walk them through life.


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Date : 12 Sep 2020




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