Ways parents can ruin childrens future


Ways Parents Ruin Childs Future




































When bring up children most parents might have a few ideas of the kind of future

that they’d like their kids to have and this a constant though that might help you

make a positive decision concerning their life , you getting to set them on the right

track will help them fast track they’re success and this is a good thing but in the

same vain.


There are some things that you might do to your children that will have a negative

impact on them moving forward and here is a list of some of the possible ways

that parents may ruin their kids , this post is meant to help you be better for your

children because everyone gets to make mistakes but correcting them will help us

make less and improve the way you parent.













Buying Your Children’s Love


Giving them something that they love is one of the ways that you can put a smile

on their face and one way to do this is by buying them something nice but making

your child feel happy doesn’t always have to be through money because as you

keep on doing this to them , they’ll grow up thinking that money is the true source

of happiness and start to value money over everything but the truth is having a lot

of wealth doesn’t keep you happy for long.


Parents need to help their kids know that life doesn’t revolve around materialistic

items and you can’t be in the habit of substituting gifts for your presence because

its you that they need to enjoy life , so don’t ruin them by changing the way they

think about happiness.



Being A Negative Parent


The negativity that your child gets to experience has a really big impact on the

way they handle themselves when they grow up and one thing that your kids will

need from you is your love , as well as your support but you not bring able to offer

your encouragement by telling them that they can’t be who they want and won’t

amount to anything in life.Will kill their spirit and get to destroy the confidence

within them , which is one of the most important things that anyone will need to be

successful in life.


Part of setting your children up for success is being able to instill a good character

within them and one of those is confidence because believing in yourself is the

only thing that you need to accomplish dreams , so help them develop this trait

while they’re still growing up.













Make Their life Your Own


Whenever you’re looking to make choices for them , its important for parents to

take into account that they’re children should be able to remain happy with their

lives and one way that you can ruin the life of your child without knowing.


Is when you getting to make choices that are suitable for you and not what’s good

for them , we’d all what our children to have a better life than ours but this doesn’t

mean that you’ll have to live your life through them because at the end of it all.


Its them that will be left to face the consequences of your actions and this isn’t

right at all , so don’t set them up for failure by giving them things that they don’t

make them happy because seeing a smile on their face is the biggest

achievement you should have.



Poor Role Models


Children will learn a lot of things from you because like the old saying goes ,

charity begins at home and this should make each parent rethink how much

information they show their children because you not being a good parent will

impact they way your kids get to see life.


Your kids need to know what is right and what isn’t because if you don’t teach

them they’ll never be the people that you will be proud of , parenting is all about

guiding your children through life and the best way to do it is by showing them a

good example of how they should carry themselves.













Limiting your children’s experiences is also another way that parents screw up the

kids future , don’t when you prevent them from learning certain things its going to

be harder for them to understand the way  things work because life is all about

gaining knowledge and its through the experiences they’ve gotten that will help

them build more skill.


All children are different and parents need to stop being in the habit of comparing

them to each other and just because one child might not be be good at something

, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t good at something else.Get to find out what they

are good at and try to encourage them to work on their strengths because forcing

them to be someone they aren’t is only a recipe for disaster.



Ruining your children is something that each parent might not intentionally want to

do but its through our actions that we get to limit our kids efforts which is a good

reminder for parents , to ensure that they make the right decisions concerning

their children because its all about giving them a better shoot at life.



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