Why oarents should lead by example


Why Parents Should Lead By Example




























Being a parent is one of the most important stages of your life , because you get

to play a very important role in the lives of your children.Raising children can be

difficult at times , but that’s only part of the process of being a parent.


However to make this stage easier on you , a good thing you might want to do is

start leading by example more often.Meaning that you’ll have to walk the talk and

aim to be the best role model that you can be , to help you out we’ll look at some

of the instances that you as a parent should look to improve your children by

leading by example.



The important thing that you need to remember as a parent is that from birth ,

your children will always look to you because you’re the very first people that they

get to know.Which makes it more likely for them to try and emulate what you do ,

so knowing what your responsibilities are would allow you to know how to be a

good role model for them.


If you show your children what they need to know by taking the lead , they’ll be in

a better position of growing up to be the people you’d want them to be , so doing

this is something that might just help you much more than you think.




















1. Parents Should Set A Good Example When It Comes To Health



As a parent we would all like to make sure that your children are kept healthy

throughout their childhood , which means that they have to be eating and

drinking the right foods.Being the adults in the family , its your responsibility to set

a good  example by making the right health choices.If your children see you

practising good eating habits each day , it’ll be much easier for them to actually

adopt these patterns even when they grow older.Which will further allow them to

stay healthier for longer.


Healthy living is just about what you can whip up in the kitchen but , it also

involves a whole lot of fitness as well.You’ve got to ensure that your children stay

fit and maintain their weight , doing alittle bit of physical activity will improve their

fitness level and also help with their brain development.


As parents you should try by all means to promote fitness in your family , the best

way to do this is having a couple of family workout sessions each week.Children

will love it when they see you doing something fun with them , its also a very good

way to improve family bonding.



2. Good Personal Hygiene


Having good hygiene practices will always keep you and your family healthy ,

make it a habit to always display good hygiene habits in front of your

children.Things like washing hands , using hand sanitizier can go along way.




















3. Having Good Morals Starts With Parents


Children always have to be encouraged to have good behaviour towards others ,

it doesn’t hurt anyone if you’re being too polite.They only way that children will feel

more happy to show kindness is by seeing their parents be good and kind to

strangers.Doing these small things will help your child value the aspect of being

polite and respectful to other people , parents often are quick to use harsh

methods to teach their children how the need to act but you don’t have to. There

are many other ways that you can discipline your children without being harsh.


So next time before your quick to judge them about how they behaved , ask

yourself if you’ve tried to be a good role model for your children and this will make

you a much better parent.




4. Inspire Your Child Through Your Work Ethic


Life is all about hard work and effort , as parents you should lead by example

whenever you’re working.Making sure that you inspire your children to work hard

is very important for their success and education , try to make sure that you instill

the value of hard work into your children.


If you’re always giving them the easy way out , its going to be harder for them to

deal with things when life gets hard.Always provoke them to be the best that they

can be through hard work.




















5. Parents Should Set A Good Example Religiously


Religious beliefs play a very big role in they lives of each family member , as

most  of your family values and traditions are based on your doctrines.Even with

religion , children will need some guidance from you.As this will help them grow

and improve their knowledge and become more spiritual , so as parents try to be

more involved with them by setting sometime apart each week to talk about your

beliefs.If they see just how committed you are , they might also take your

practices more seriously.



6. Parents Should Have A Positive Attitude


Lastly , having a good and positive attitude is very important for your children to

have. Parents should always try to display a good attitude towards everyone.

Being negative towards your children , will rub off on them and this might have a

negative effect towards them as they get older.


Having a smile on your face each day and bring in some good energy , can really

boost your childrens confidence. A happy family is always one that remains

positive , stay smiling.



In conclusion, parents have a very big role to play in the lives of children and the

best way to achieve this is by taking the first step and setting a good example for

them , doing this will make it much easier for your children to acknowledge things

that are important for them to learn.


Parents must always aim to be the best role models for their children and it all

starts by you getting the small things right.





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