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Pros & Cons Of Monitoring Children's Internet Use







































With most of our children being introduced to technology and the internet at a very

young age ,it would only be right for parents to know some of the pros and cons of

snooping through their internet usage.Reading through this post will give you a

clear understanding of this and help you take action when it comes to protecting

your children online.


















Pros : Tracking The Time Spent Online


If you’re looking to figure out how much hours they spend scrolling through their

devices , monitoring their internet usage would make it easier.This way you can

help them plan out their day and try to get them to do something alittle bit more

productive with their time , like reading a book or spending time together as a

family.Looking at the amount of time they spend glued to their screens will also

allow you to prevent them from becoming addicted to being online , which makes

helping them control their usage is very essential.



Cons : Limiting Information


In order for children to gain more knowledge they need to be exposed , but if

parents get to become to controlling of the things their children see on the

internet.It’ll only limit them and prevent them from enriching their minds , which is

a good reminder for parents to try and give their children all the information they

need.Without being selective because of your political affiliation or religious




Pros : Credit Card Spending


Our kids get to view so much content online and sometimes , they get to buy a

few things that they like.You not being able to keep track of what they do on their

phones , can cause them to either make purchases from websites that might not

be original or this may lead to their information being stolen. Safe guarding our

children would mean getting to protect their information from people like sexual

predators and identity thieves.



Cons : Invasion of privacy


One of the down sides that come with constantly checking on your childrens

phones , is that it can feel like an invasion of privacy.Just because you’re the

adults in the home it doesn’t mean that your children don’t deserve any peace and

quiet of their own , your kids are also entitled to their own things.


















Pros : You Know What Their Up To


Most parents would want to snoop around and have access to their childrens

internet usage , solely because they would want to know what their upto.The idea

of knowing where your children are at all times , gives us a sigh of relief and you

monitoring them would keep you calm.



Cons: Too Controlling


Even though this might start as a once in a while thing , it would continue to grow

into something that would be negative.Getting too controlling would affect the

relationships that you’ve got with your children and am sure you would want to

ruin that , parents can become to paranoid by constantly following up on what

their kids are up to on the internet.



Pros : Tracking Their Content


The internet provides our kids with so much information that is available at a click

of a button and the truth is ,not all the information that they see is valuable or

appropriate for them to view.Raising children becomes very difficult if they’re

influenced by the wrong behaviour that they get to see on the internet , you

knowing what kind of videos and books they read online.Will help you ensure that

they’re always seeing things that will build them up and not destroy them.



Cons : Breach Of Trust


One of the other things that would be impacted by you going through your

children’s phone is trust , especially if you’ve got kids that are in their

doing this will make them feel like you don’t believe or trust them anymore , which

could also have on your relationship.


So doing this isn’t really the best thing at times , because it could also pressure

your children into sneaking out or doing something behind your back because

they fear that you’ll overreact.Even though you might be just trying to look out for

them.Its all about how you’re able to control yourselves.


















Pros : Avoiding Negative Situations


Being at a young age , your children are more likely to make mistakes. Parents

need to be aware of the fact that , people online might have bad intentions for

your children.Like for instance , cyberbullies or people that may try to still their

information.Who only want to harm them and parents have to tell their children

how to be more cautious about who they give their private information.



Those are the pros and cons of being able to monitor your childs phones , which

should help you see some of the things that you might encounter if you’re looking

to start taking a sneak peak at their logs.


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Date : 05 Jan 2020

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