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Ask Your Children
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Questions To Ask  Children
Questions To Ask Your Child
Ask Your Children

Parenting is all about making sure that you’ve got a good relationship between

you and your children , the only way to achieve this is to communicate the with

each other.In any stable relationship or partnership , communication is the most

essential thing to have. If your child can’t express themselves to you then it will be

harder for us to know whether everything is okay in their lives, In this post will

show you what questions you can ask them daily to know more about their

well being .




What Are Good Questions To Ask Your Children


Well ensuring that you know that your child’s fine and okay is important , however

you also have to make sure you get to know their likes and dislikes. So good

questions to ask them would be in respect to the things mentioned above ,

parenting shouldn’t be like your job so you should enjoy the moments that you

have with your children.


Below are a list of Questions that you can ask your young ones each day to get to

understand them more.



1. How Are You ?


A greeting is one of the things that we commonly say to each other that I think is

mostly underrated, knowing how you children are doing is very important and

should be the first question that should pop in your mind when you see them.



2. How Was School ?


Asking them how they spent there tine at school is a little way to show them that

you are interested in the activities that they take part in , being involved in the life

of your children is very

essential for their growth.



3. Did You Behave At School ?


As a parent we always try to see if our children’s accountability and honesty is

improving , this is just one way of finding out if they’ll tell you the truth.Doing this

more often will allow you to find patterns that make them act a certain way that

you’d consider inappropriate , so check in on your their behaviour once in a while.


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4. Did I do Anything wrong ?


Children don’t have the same reasoning as we do and this might cause them to

react differently to the things we say.So when you ask them the above question it

will be much easier for you to adjust yourself to suit them, doing this will make it

easier for the both of you to understand each other.



5. What would you like to be when Growing Up ?


With this question its very important to pay extra attention to what they say,

knowing what your child is interested in being can help you plan ahead for them.

Doing this will help you put them in a better position to achieve even more and

finally reach their dreams.



6. Should We Say Please and Thank You ?


Be polite is one of the many virtues that we have to teach our children, taking the

time to find out if being polite has a big impact on the way they think is essential

and this too can help you find ways to make them better at being polite.

























7. What act of Kindness Did You Do Today ?


Making them explain the act of kindness they did during the day , will give you an

opportunity to show them how proud you are of them and will make them see that

performing these good deeds is very important.It will also help them to trust in

their abilities more.



8. Whats Your Favourite show to Watch ?


Knowing what your childrens interests are is something that each and every

parent must know, this allows you to get them the right gifts for their birthdays

making them feel extra special.Its also a great way to know whether the kind of

content that they’re into is appropriate for their age .



9. What Did you learn Today ?


Education is one of the most important things that we as parents have to provide

for our children , being invested in what they do as mentioned earlier is very

important .Gaining knowledge is the key to development and you’ll have to make

sure you put in an effort to get involved.


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10. Are You Happy ?


Parenting is all about ensuring that our children remain happy at all times, this is

why this question is very critical to ask them. Make sure that you consistently

check in on the state of your children to make sure they’re in the best mood




11. If There Was A Place you’d Like to Visit What Would It Be ?


This question is great for planning future holiday destinations and will definitely

excite them later own.Its just a very good way to make sure that you give them the

best hoilday possible.



12. Why Don’t You Eat ?


Moms am sure you’ve got your fair share of dealing with picky eaters , asking

them this question is one way of finding a way to move forward and find a good

nutritional diet to suit them.




















13. Did You like Sunday School ?


Teaching children about the word of God is essential for their spiritual growth,

you asking them how they find ways to change the way you introduce the word of

God to them.



14. Teach Me Something I don’t Know ?


The thing with children is that they like to try mimic adults most of the time, so give

them an opportunity to fill you in on alittle bit of knowledge. This is great because

you get to hear all kind of crazy things which makes parenting what it is.



15. Whats Your Favourite Color ?


Knowing what color they prefer is one of the things every parent has to know,

cause if you don’t you’ll be in alot of trouble.

























16. How many friends did You make Today ?


Friendship is very important to have and this is why asking your children this

question will help you determine whether they’re ability to be social and interact

with others.



17.  Why Do They Have the Brightest Smile ?


This sparks up a great conversation with them to make them laugh and smile

even more, ask them this question to make them feel extra special.



18. Did you Brush Your Teeth Before Bed ?


Children should be fully aware that having good oral hygiene is a good habit, this

is why as parents we should make an effort to try and consistently talk to them

about it.






















19. What did The ocean say to the beach ?


Dry jokes have to be one of the most funny things to say to get a quick smile ,

lighten the mode by sharing light moments .



20 . If you Had one Wish what would it Be ?


Lastly here’s another question which you’d expect to have various kinds of

answers that will make you smile, its good for creating conversation and it can be

used to see where there mind is at.


Hope you’ve gotten a few important bits of information that you need might keep

in handy , as parents you have to make sure you keep your child smiling.The best

way to achieve this is through having a conversation with them.


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Date 09 Mar 2020

Questions To Ask Your Children

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