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In order to be the best at anything in life you have to ensure that you stay true to

yourself, being who you are will help you to get whatever you want faster and

much easier.However, in order to do that sometimes you have to ask yourself a

few questions, asking yourself certain questions will give you some clarity on

various situations that your going through.In this post will look at some of the

questions which might come in handy at certain stages of your life and also during

your day to day routines.




1. Are You Happy ?


One of the most important thing to be in life over everything is to be happy, being

happy will allow you to express yourself the way you want to.However, you should

also know that you can find happiness in the places you’d least expect it to

be.Which serves as a reminder that you should be willing to open up yourself to

different kind of experiences because , they might just lead you to true

happiness.If you aren’t happy with yourself , it becomes harder for you to be the

best version of you and you’ll end up limiting yourself.



2. What Do You Want ?


Knowing what you want with your life will help you make the right choices, which

are going to put you in that position to receive whatever you we’re looking

for.Knowing what you want is essential because it also helps you stay happy,

happiness as seen in the above point is essential for each and everyone of us at

the end of the day.The priorities that you set in your life are all based on the staff

we want to have , making it a very critical part of your lifestyle.
















3. Am I Okay ?


We Often Ask other people how they’re doing and usually neglect to ask

ourselves the same thing, checking to see where you’re at mentally and

emotionally is just as important too.Everyone thinks you have to be okay all the

time which is not entirely true , some days you just have to accept it and try the

best you can to move forward with your day.So Its Okay if you’re not doing

particularly well today , always remember that there are 365 days in a year so

whats one or two days.



4. What Should I Be Grateful For ?


As mentioned earlier in this post, life can get really rough at times and its very

helpful if you stay grateful during such a period in time.This question just serves

as a reminder to all of us that we should look around and see the good things,

even though they might be little its still important to stay grateful.So next time

when things aren’t going your way and lying down on your bed think that its the

end of the universe, remember that some people don’t even have a roof over their

heads and a pillow to sleep on.



5.  Becoming Better For My Kids ?


Being the person that your children need you to be is very important for their

growth and development, which is why as a parent you have to aim to become a

better parent for them each and every single day.Learning ways in which you can

get better will be good for you and your family, not everyone gets to become a

parent and this makes it even more of a reason to try and be the very best for

your children.



6. Build A Strong Relationship With Family ?


Having a good relationship with your children is very important for you as a family,

communication between you and them is needed when you want to know if things

in their lives are going okay.Having a really strong bond will keep your family

closer together and make it better for you to get through to them.



7. What Did I Achieve Today ?.


Knowing some of your daily achievements will help you in alot of ways, like for

instance it will allow you to see the potential you have in yourself and give you

some self confidence.This question can also be used to help you find out whether

you’ve been productive throughout the day, productivity is very essential for

each of us as it allows us ti achieve success quicker.



8. Will This Affect Me Tomorrow ?


Its a good habit to be mindful of the things that you do today because, they might

have a huge impact on what happens tomorrow and this has to be kept in mind

each time you want to do something.This question cab also help you make

better choices at that particular moment in time, the more you use this when

making decisions the more you become a better person.

















9. What Value Have I Added ?


Many are the times we volunteer ourselves to be apart of something , all in the

name of helping some people out.Even though its a good thing to do , asking

yourself this question each time your about to volunteer will help you bring a

different dynamic to the table.We all have a special way of doing things and

making sure that you impact lives in that special way can be really helpful to





10. Why Did You Choose This Path ?


Hard times are moments that we as people often have to go through and they

sometimes cause us to rethink why we made certain choices, but to help you put

your mind at ease you might have to remind yourself of why you started in the first

place.Remembering why you made the choices you’ve made can give you even

more of a reason to stay extra motivated and keep you focused on your goals.



11. How Do I Become More Confident ?


Being successful only happens if you believe in yourself and your abilities, one

way to make sure you do this is by building up your confidence. Having the

confidence in yourself will make you always have the will to put in your best effort

, because you know that you’ll be able to achieve greatness.However confidence

is not being fearless , but rather having the ability to stand tall even when things

aren’t going your way.Always try to aim at building your confidence.



12. Why Am I Unsuccessful ?


There times you wake up and feel like your going to achieve so much but yet ,

come a few steps short of achieving success.That’s why asking yourself why you

didn’t achieve what you set out to is essential in becoming successful, when you

find out what’s causing you to be distracted will help you fix things for the future.


Placing you in the right direction , if you aren’t successful at the moment it doesn’t

mean that you won’t change.So don’t give up and keep on trying because all it

takes is alittle more effort each time.



13. Do I Need To Change My Habits


Sometimes in order to become better you might have to change the way you do

things, change can be very hard but it has to be done in order for us to experience

something new.A habit is defined as a behaviour that we have that are done

without putting any thought at all, creating these habits that are good for us is a

great way to improve ourselves and help us become more successful.



14. Was I Wrong ?


Accountability is very essential for each and every one of us and because of this ,

we should always be able to look at ourselves before lashing out at other

people.The moment we start to hold ourselves to this regard will help as change

for the better.From today you have to try and view things alittle bit differently

whenever you think you’re treated wrongly.

















15. Do I Have An Effective Workout. ?


Working out is essential for each and everyone of us if you want to leave a

healthier lifestyle, exercising is one way to lose some weight and stay fit. So being

effective with your workout is very important to keep you upto date with your

fitness journey.



16. Do I Eat The Right Foods ?


Eating the right foods is also a key part of living a healthier lifestyle just like

working out is, getting the right nutrients into your body is one of the ways to

ensure that you don’t suffer from any health conditions related to unhealthy




17. Do I Really Need That ?


Knowing what you need is very essential for you when it comes to spending

money, most times we often spend our hard earned money on things that we want

and not on the things that we need.


This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pleasure yourself with nice things once in a

while but , its a good way to help you save money.This question can also be

applied to other aspects of your life as well.



18. Are you getting Enough Rest ?


Sometimes we get stressed because we don’t get enough sleep, we’re all too

busy working that we don’t even realize just how much we are lacking rest.Asking

yourself this question is a must.Sleep is important if you want to be more

productive you have to get some rest , studies how that you need to get about 6 to

9 hours of rest per day.


In conclusion , I Hope these questions will really help you move forward as a

person and achieve more things.In order for you to become better , have to be

consistent in whatever your getting better at. If you found this helpful try and apply

this to your daily life and help others as well.


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