Quick breakfast ideas for children


Quick Breakfast Ideas For Kids

























When our children get to class, its important for you the parent to ensure that

they’ve eaten something.having a healthy and filling breakfast is one of the most

essential things children should start there day with , being in the habit of skipping

this meal will only cause them to feel active during the day and this can also affect

the way they get to perform in the classroom.


According to a post on the Webmd health site , it was mentioned that skipping our

morning meals will deprive the body of the nutrients that it needs to replenish.

Children need this energy for them to be active throughout the day ,

giving your kids a good meal will ensure that they stay energetic while they’re in



Sometimes , it can be challenging for most parents to actually create these

nutritious meals in the morning because of all the preparation they’ll have to

do.Which is why , will look at some of the quick and simple breakfast recipes for

your children.Waking up early and ensuring that you get everyone out of the

house on time is important , here are some of the quick breakfast meals that you

can cook for your children before going to school.

















A good bowl of cornflakes has always been the fastest way to prepare a healthy

breakfast , this is easy to make even your kids can do it.Getting all the nutrients

such as calcium , Vitamin D and B12.Well definitely allow your children to grow up

strong and healthy.Adding alittle bit of fruits to the mix and make it even more

tasty , a bowl of breakfast cereal is the oldest and traditional way of getting all the

energy quickly.Getting the flavors that your children love will make it even more

likely for them to enjoy their breakfast.



Overnight Oats


Still sticking with the cereals and grains , overnight oats can also be a great

breakfast idea for your children to try on a Monday morning.The good thing with

this recipe is that you get to prepare this meal the night before , meaning that it’ll

be ready for you to eat when you wake up.This is a really good way of getting

your kids to make fall in love with eating grain foods , there are so many ways that

you can create this nutritious meal.


By adding different fruits to it as well as other tiny ingredients , will make it taste

even better and you can check out some recipes of overnights oats by Downshitology.





Smoothies are a really great way of ensuring that your children take in their fruits

and vegetables , due to the high amount of fibre that is contained in the

ingredients. It would be a really great way for your kids to fill up before starting

their day at school. Adding all kinds of fruits as well as other ingredients that your

kids love , will live them craving for more.If your children already love smoothies

then it would really help if you got a cook book and the right blender.That’s a pair

that you need if you’re looking to have your taste bud smile.















Acai Bowls


An acai bowl also known as a smoothie bowl , can also be a good breakfast to eat

right before school. Getting your children to eat healthy is all about being creative

and coming up with meals that they would love to eat.An Acai bowl consists of

frozen and mashed up fruits of the acai palm.


Which you can serve with various fruits and grains to make it even more

nutritious.This is a really good alternative to smoothies and regular cereal , its

very quick and easy to make .Meaning you’ll be done in a couple of minutes.


Finding a kid friendly breakfast for picky eaters can be very difficult , so try to use

the things that they like whenever you think of preparing them a quick meal before

class and to kick start the day the right way.





Who doesn’t like pancakes ?, having some great tasting pancakes right before

heading to class.Has always been the best way to start the morning and the good

thing , is that there are so many recipes that you can get to choose from.That

makes it very hard for your children to say no , this is a really quick and easy meal

that you can do in under 30 minutes.



French Toast


This is a different take on regular toast that , you can let your children try when

they get up in the morning.Its really quick and easy to make , with so many

variations of this breakfast dish.You can definitely find one that your children will

love.With all the ingredients that you’ll get to use , its very nutritious and pack with

so much flavor that you’ll just have to try it.

















If your children would like a bake treat right before they leave for school then you

can prepare them some muffins , if you’d like to save on time then you could

prepare the butter the night before and give them a freshly cooked batch the next

day when they get up.


This dish doesn’t take very long to prepare and is still very nutritious , which will

give them all the energy that they need to have throughout the day.If you need a

blueberry muffin recipe , there are so many that you can checkout on the

internet..You can also try and be creative with it , by coming up with your very own




Fruit & Yogurt Skewers


We found this interesting idea from a YouTuber by the name if Carah Amelie , she

did a video about the quick breakfast meals she would make for her kids.In it , she

cut up various fruits like strawberries and blueberries.Then dipped them in yogurt

and allowed them to sit in the fridge for a bit , later where ready to serve.Which

was a really creative way that you can also try when it comes to having your

children eat a quick meal.





Another traditional meal that you can quickly whip up and prepare for your

children is an omelette , the good thing about doing this is that it allows you to be

more creative with the way you do things.Its a great way to get all the energy that

you need to start your day , so give it a try and make sure that you give your

children something that tastes great.



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that your children need to have

and this is why you need to come up with simple recipes in your bag , will make

your mornings easier. Even a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich , is better

than nothing.


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