Key to raising resilient children


Keys To Making Your Children Resilient










































Setting up your children for a brighter future isn’t only about providing them with a good

education but parents must also try to build other aspects of their lives , one of the most

essential characteristic to instill in your kids is resilience because being successful in life is

all about never giving up easily.


There are a lot of trails which your kids will face as the get older and being able to put

them on the right path is what will allow them to keep on trying their best even when things

aren’t looking great , seeing young ones give up on themselves is something that will only

put a frown on your face.


Each parent would want to see their children be successful in life but if you feel like your

kids quit easily or are just looking for ways on how to encourage them not to give up , here

are some of the things you as a guardian can start practising in your home today.





Build Child Up For Resilience


The very first thing that any parent should do regardless of whether you’re looking to

promote positive behavior traits or trying to ensure they do well in school , is taking

measure to aid them reach these targets.Having expectations that your kids will end up

achieving a lot of success without setting it up , will only cause guardians to become

frustrated with the rate at which their children are progressing.


As much as schools have teachers to mould their approach towards education , parents

need to ensure that they provide the necessary tools and support required to have a

successful future.Even though finances have a role in the development of your children ,

ultimately parental involvement has a larger part in this.


Following up on the progress they make by sitting down with them in order to find out

more about school , answering homework together , attending school meetings e.t.c . Are

small things that might help you find ways to ensure your child stays on the right path ,

which is why being an uninvolved parent can sometimes hinder the levels of progress

being made by your kids.




















Keep on Motivating Them


Being an adult in the home isn’t just about watching your kids achieve goals but its about

making the effort to make them better and as a mother or father , its really essential to

note that we play a major role in their lives .


When we get frustrated and start quitting on them due to the lack of progress being made

, then its going to be very hard children to believe in themselves because the people that

they’ve looked up to the most no longer feel happy .Self motivation only works best when

the individual has already been able to develop and as much as your children will be

required to put in the effort , parents should keep on trying when it comes developing kids

because who will if you don’t ? .


Running the home isn’t a walk in the park but once you keep on being present in the lives

of your kids by picking them up whenever they fall down , then they’ll be able to improve

making things easier on you and this is just shows how important of a pillar you’re to their






Say No To Negativity


Correcting your kids after they fail to attain a particular goal or whenever a mistake is

made using words that are negative , will have a longer lasting impact on their confidence

moving forward.The words and actions we use towards our kids can either make or break

them , which is why its very good for guardians to always offer encouragement at all times.

Being negative about a situation won’t change anything , raising resilient children is tough

because its about building up character and for a child that gives up too easily.


Its a process that won’t happen overnight , so even when they aren’t doing to well always

remain positive with them.”Experience is the best teacher “ , is a saying that most of us

are familiar with but its how we use our experiences that will determine how bright the

future is going to be for your kids .


Finding a positive is just what they might need to have hope and courage in their abilities ,

this doesn’t mean we’re neglecting the fact that they’ve underachieved. However its using

these moments as a stepping stone for the next steps they’ll take in life , choose to remain





















Reminders & Past Success


What has your child done that has made you proud ? , when your child wants to quit. Its

essential for parents to find ways to keep them going and one way is by reminding them of

who they are , its the small wins that we make which help us build the momentum to

achieve even more.Reminding them of situations in which they were able to be successful

is a great way to build confidence because at certain moments , children just need to

remember that they’re achievers and not failures.



What influences your children ? , the kind of material or content that is being consumed by

children is what may affect their attitude and approach towards life.Always be aware of the

things that are influencing them , this doesn’t mean you should be overprotective about

everything they do but its about educating them on why they shouldn’t follow various




The truth is you’re not going to be around them 24/7 and being able to build a solid

foundation is the first step you need to take whenever it comes to anything about

parenting , knowing that you’ve put everything in place for them to be a success is what

gives most parents less to worry about.


Start building up your children to be resilient today , quitting only happens when you

decide to throw in the towel . Don’t give up on your kids and keep on encouraging them to

be successful , you won’t regret it when you see them become the very person you

thought the could be .





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