Why teens stay in their rooms


Why Teens Stay In Their Rooms



























One of the most common questions that parents might be looking to answer about

their teenage children , is why their always staying in their rooms and there are so

many answers to this question but in this post.We’ll try and look at things

differently which should help you improve things in their lives.


With all the posts about parenting on this platform , its very important that you get

to seek professional advice after you read this piece of information that you’ve

been given.If you’re looking for some of the reasons why your teenage son or

daughter won’t leave their rooms , below are some of the essential things that you

might want to take note of.



Having A Bad Day


Just like adults , our teenage children might also be going through alot of stress

and pressure , that might be causing them to be sad.Which is why they might feel

like they’ve got to stay in their bedrooms all the time , this just goes to show you

that sometimes as parents.You shouldn’t be to quick to judge them for their

behaviour because they might be something that making thing them act this way ,

we all go through some rough patches in our lives and for our teenage

children.These moments might be really though for them to handle because this

might be something new to them , which is why you might need to seek some

help from your therapist or family guidance counsellor and help them get over this.


Self care and mental health are very important for each of us , even our

teens,Getting help will allow your children open up more , parents need to make

sure that you provide them with a positive environment each and everyday of the

week.As this will allow your kids to be able to talk to you , whenever they’ve got


















Are You Being A Good Parent ?


One of the other reasons your teenagers might be in isolation is because , you

might not be treating them properly.So if you might have done anything wrong to

them during the day and you received the silent treatment from them , it would be

the solution to your problem.So you making sure that you’re trying to be the

parent who they need , plays a very important part in their lives as they get to

grow older in age.


So if you treat them badly , this would be a really good time to turnover a new leaf

and by you reading this post.It means that your on track to find ways of being a

good parent.Its all about putting in the effort to try and be better , no parent would

like to see their teenage child sad or stay isolated in their room.Your children are

no longer toddlers and they can talk for themselves , meaning that you can ask

them if you did anything to offend them.



Unmotivated Teens


If your children have got nothing to look forward to during the day , it can be a

valid reason why they might not want to leave their bedrooms.Being a supportive

parent is always about finding ways to keep your children motivated and

encourage them to be active throughout the day.With so many negative things

that they might see on the internet and coupled with some of the disappointments

that they get to face during their day , it can have a very big impact on their mood

and mindset.


If our children remain in this state , it can easily lead to them feeling depressed

and lack any motivation to achieve something good.The best way to encourage

them is by giving them something fun to look forward to , get to ask them for an

activity they’d like to get involved with is a small way to put a smile on their face

and make them feel happy for a change.



















Maybe you might want to think about this from another point of view , because

your teenage children might not want to leave their rooms for different

reasons.Like for example , they might feel like they’ve got everything in their

rooms like having their own television , Computer & Video game setup. Can make

it really hard for them to find a reason to come out of their rooms because they’ve

got most of the things that they need to have during their day , so its not always

about having a bad attitude but it can have alot to do with the their wants and




The last point that we’d like to put across is privacy , them not having enough

personal space with the home will resort to them having to stay in their

bedrooms.Young adults to have than enough space of their own and try to monitor

them constantly , this might just allow your child to feel like they should spend

more time by there selves.



So the next time you see your children start to isolate themselves , you can

handle the situations much better this time and get them to be more active during

the day


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