why people don't ollow their dreams


Reasons Why People Don't Follow Their Dreams























We’ve all wanted to have something or become something that we might have

dreamed about when were younger but most of the time , things don’t always go

our way and this can make us feel like our life long dreams are a waste of

time.Which isn’t true at all , there are so many reasons why it difficult to follow your

dreams and aspirations.Looking at some of these points below , will help you

adjust yourself and help you cope with the adversity.  



Not Willing To Work


If you can think it , then you can do it and this is one of the daily rules of life you

should begin to live by.Changing our thoughts into reality , is something that most

of us dreamers really fail to do.We look at all the other entrepreneurs before they

got the kind of wealth they have , we often forget that they had to earn it and am

sure it wasn’t easy putting in all that work.


You need to be able to sacrifice your time and invest it , in things that will benefit

you later own.All good things take time and effort , so don’t think your dreams will

happen at this very point in your life.If it can take people two or four years , this

should be a clear indicator that you need to put in alot of effort.Its all about

sustainability and not about rushing to the finish , doing things the right way will

always bring good rewards.Hard work does pay off , you just have to be patient.



“No You Can’t , It Doesn’t Work “


One of the moat destructive words that anyone can say to you is , “No you can’t do

it “.Most of the time when working on your project , they’ll be people that might say

things to demoralize you and make you lose your grip on things.In whatever you do

, they’ll always be a few people against you even if you’ve got good intentions.


If you constantly hear what they’ve got to say , you’ll only be lowering the chances

of you achieving greater things with your life.Don’t be shy or afraid of doing the

things you love , shut out all the negativity from your life and keep on moving

forward.More often than not , its the very same people that will comeback to

support you in your journey.



Lack of Support


Like we mentioned in the point above , not everyone will like what you’re doing and

this can be taken as lack of support.When going through the process of reaching

your goals , you may feel like you’ll always need that push or someone to tell you

that you can do it.If you continue to relay on others when you need a boost , what

happens when those people are out of reach.Does it mean that you’ll stop moving

forward ? , the answer is no.Being self driven is very vital when it comes to

overcoming challenges and changing your lifestyle , we do agree that having

support is important.However , it shouldn’t be something that you really on



You can find different ways of motivating yourself and developing a strong mindset

, you should think about why you started your journey in the first place and let that

thought push you to the finish.



Lack of Focus


Putting your mind to a particular task for a very long time is very difficult and if you

think you’re the only one , we’ll then you’re not.Losing focus on the task at hand will

only prolong the amount of time that you’re going to stay stagnant.Procrastinating

and telling yourself that you’ve got time is not the truth , you’ll have to find ways of

pushing yourself each time you feel like quitting or giving up on your mission.They’ll

be some weeks that will feel like nothing can be done , which is why you need to

stay positive each moment you feel like you won’t make it through.Creating a

routine and getting a schedule for can be a good start to helping you maintain a

balanced lifestyle.



Situation Around You


Another reason why people might not be to kin on following their dreams is due to

what’s happening around them , everything that happens around us can take a big

role on us.These can be like a pandemic or maybe even more personal like losing

your job , when these your occur.Its like the have the ability to just suck away all

our joy and happiness , making your dreams harder to reach.In times like that , all

you need to do is change your perspective of life.How you look at things matters

alot , if you allow whats going on in your life to define you.Then how well you

achieve greatness ? , so be positive we’re you can be and always keep on pushing






Lastly , we’ll look at the biggest killer of you’re goals and dreams.Fear is the mean

reason why people don’t try to do anything , but if you don’t give it a shot then how

will you know it’ll work?.Stepping into the unknown does take some courage but

has alot of benefits as well , Fear is just what you create because not everyone

feels the same about a particular thing.


When you don’t manage to achieve something the first time you try , then learn

from it and move on.So that the next time you try it , you’ll be successful.



Those are some of the common reasons as to why people don’t really get to follow

their dreams , just because you feel like it can’t be done.Doesn’t mean you’ll fail ,

keep on moving forward and you’ll see things change.Always try to make

something out of yourself.  



Date : 22 Nov 2020

Post By : Lifestylenstuff

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