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Reasons You're Not Happy























One of the most common things that each person is told to have above everything

else in life is happiness , all of us try to obtain it in one way or another and

sometimes we often find ourselves lacking it.With all the things we’re able to do in

this era , being truly happy is one of the things that is very rare to find.


Feeling or being at a stage where you’re unhappy is very common , so don’t

believe that you’re going through this alone.If you’ve been trying to ask yourself

why you might be unhappy , then reading this post might actually help you come

up with way on how you can better your life.


Having a great lifestyle isn’t just about remaining fit and having a great body but ,

its also about being able to stay smiling. Being positive minded is essential for you

to unlock all the good things in your life , so you trying to adopt this mindset would

be amazing.Before we look at some of the reasons why you’re never happy with

your life , heres one important thing to note.


You can learn about all the ways to feel better emotionally but if your not willing to

to change your mindset and get better , it becomes harder for you to start being

joyful.Being able to read this post and acknowledge that you’re not at your best ,

is a big step in the right direction.


In an article on embracing change by Vshru (tiny Budda) , it was mentioned that

embracing our situations will allow you to make effective changes happen.With

that being said , below are some of the reasons that you might not be satisfied

with life at the moment.We highly recommend that you talk this over with people

that are more qualified in this field like a psychiatrist , as speaking to professionals

about health is very essential.





Doing Something You Don’t Like


The only way you can stay smiling each and everyday is by doing thing that will

keep you in a more positive mood , each time you decide to do something that

doesn’t interest you can make it harder for you to be able to achieve your goals

because we all know that reaching where we need to be takes times.


So being sad , will only cause you to give up easily when things get tough

because your no longer happy.Being uninterested in a particular activity, will only

make you feel bored and when it gets boring the only thing you’d want to do is

stop.So try to be more open to having a few hours in the day where you can do

something you that you love , maybe you can start a hobby to pass a couple of






Bad Company & Negativity


Like the common saying goes.” Bad company corrupts good morals”.Whenever

you surround yourself with people that don’t have a positive attitude , will only

make you get influenced by that negativity.


Its not always about the things that we do but its about the people that we

surround ourselves with , the kind of friends that you’ve got can make or break



Which is why you’ll have to be careful about the people that you keep in your

circle and this is a remainder that you don’t need to open up to everyone.Of

course , being friendly is being polite but make sure that the ones that love you’re

kept even closer than the rest. For these people will give you that emotional

support when you need to feel happy.





Your View Of Happiness Matters


Another reason why you can’t be happy is because you’re viewing it from a wrong

angle , most people feel like having a positive mood only comes from

accumulating money and other things.This is not true , even though all these

things we see are might be essential to have.


They can easily go out of fashion and what will happen to you then ?, which is

why you’ll have to know that happiness stems from within you.Think that it comes

from other people or materialistic objects , will only keep you fixed on those things

and get to become unhappy once you don’t have them in your life.


So do yourself a favor and try to let this good and positive energy stem from

within.That way, nothing will ever keep you feeling low.





Stressing & Worrying Too Much


Of course everyone goes through the day to day challenges , which do keep us

on our toes and constantly on the move.Which can put as through alot of stress

and getting too much of this negative energy can only leave you feeling tired ,

which is a really good recipe for not being happy with your life.


Stress can cause your body to go through alot of problems , according to an

article by womenshealth website.This can cause you to have headaches , anxiety

, obesity and heart problems.Constantly worrying about things that are out of your

control can also make your life even more stressful , so only focus on the things

that you can control.





Having A Bad Day


Everybody has those days where things might not just be going the way you

intended them to go , which can rightfully leave us feeling less of ourselves.During

these moments you’ll need to be able to try and maintain the right mindset , which

can be hard for you to do because of the way things are looking like.


Days like this do happen but try to stay positive by look at the bright side of

things.Finding ways to always ensure that you maintain a good mood , will help

you endure whatever adversity you might be facing.


Being unhappy shouldn’t be caused by what you’re going through , because it

won’t always be like that each day.Tomorrow is another day and they’ll be more

opportunities to have , which is a very good reason why you should keep on






Not Being Comfortable


Another reason why you might still not be happy with yourself is because you

might not be comfortable where you are , one of the most important things that will

be able to help you feel better is a change of environment.


In order for you to do the best , you’ve got to be at your very best and this only

happens whenever you’re where you need to be.Not finding the environment

where you are conducive , it becomes harder for you to stay in a good mood.


Whenever your not feeling like your in the right place , you’re actually further away

from reaching the mindset you need.





Being Ungrateful


In terms of living our lifestyle , it can be very easy for us to start drawing

comparisons with other people.Which can sometimes make us feel like we’re

achieved less than they have because of certain things you don’t have.


Being ungrateful for what you’ve been given will only make you prone to start

feeling unhappy about yourself, ensuring that you’re comfortable with your current

state is very essential.Success is not based on what you’ve got but is something

that you’ve determined on your own.


So if you want to turn that frown upside down , then you’ll need to start feeling

more grateful for your accomplishments.





The Past & Not Letting Go


We all look to the future because we know that things might just start getting

better and it helps all of us move forward but , looking back to the past and taking

a moment to constantly dwell on the mistakes that you’ve made. Will make it

harder for you to do so and can also leave you feeling a bit sorry for yourself ,

moving on from all the bad moments in your life will leave space for better things

to come.


According to a post on the Tony Robbins website , it was mentioned that the past

can actually imprison is when we don’t learn how to let go of all the bad things.Am

sure remembering all that pain that you might have experienced can make you

feel sad , but moving away from that state will open up new things for you


Opening up to the right people will allow you to get better , if you need to talk to a

therapist then don’t feel shy of doing whats best for you.





Inner Peace


As we mentioned in earlier in this post , our view of happiness matters and getting

to be at peace with yourself is an essential part of achieving this.Getting to find

this peace can be really difficult for most of us because of all the distractions that

we get to see around us , which further prevents us from being happy.


Doing activities during the day that will help you attain the peace that you need,

meditation is one of the main ways that you can start channeling some of that

positive energy in your life.Being able to take a few minutes out of your day to

reflect on everything , would help you decompress and give you that peace of

mind before you go to bed.


Doing some yoga might also help you with that too , try as much as possible to

stay at peace with who you are. Doing alittle bit of soul searching can also help , if

you’re religious.





Not Taking Care Of Your Body


Our body’s get to do so much for us and you not being able to take care of it

properly , might be the main reason you’re feeling so grumpy.Not doing the small

things like : getting enough sleep , exercising regularly and eating the right foods.

Are very unhealthy practices that will leave your body unwell , only leaving you to

suffer the consequences later own.Being happy also means taking great care of

your body too , which is something that a good self care routine can fix





Negative Mindset


Your attitude towards various things in life matters and a negative one will not help

you at all , always thinking that bad things will happen would only cause you to

yield negative results.Speaking less of yourself every time is a very bad practise

because you can do alot more than you think , so having a few positive

affirmations would be great.


Those are just some of the few things that might have needed to know , so that

you start changing your attitude.Hopefully you start trying to smile more each day

and use some of these points to create a more positive mentality.You don’t always

have to be upset all the time because things do get better , all you need to do is

be willing to try and look at things from a different lens.


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Date : 12 Sep 2020




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