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Spending time with your children is very important for each parent and the best

activity to the with your Kids is cook,getting their hands dirty and make something

that taste great will be a great experience for them.The most importantaspect of

lifestyle is eating, ensuring that you get the right amount of nutrients into your

body is very important for the growth of your children.


In this post will look at some recipes that you and your young ones can try to

make over theweekend or even during the day, hopefully by the end of this post

you’ll be able to feel inspired to recreate some of these dishes and have some fun

memories when doing so.



Recipes For You & Children To Try 




1. Pizza


One of the recipes that your kids will like to help you out with is some good old

fashion pizza, because everyone loves a slice of pizza.The advantage with

creating meals like this from home is that you have alot of control over the types

of ingredients that are going into your meals, which means that you could make it

a much healthier dish that will be great for your children.


There are so many taste pizza recipes but , a classic Italian styled pizza is always

the best option.To help you with that we found a great video By The Stay at Home

chef Rachel , who has many great and easy food recipes that  your family will



















2. Cake


Do you remember the old days , when you'd always wait on for mom to bake

some chocolate cake so that you'd would get to lend a helping hand ?.


Which is why I think doing alittle bit of baking would really be a very fun thing to do

with you children and create those good memories , there are so many recipes

out there to choose from.Choosing a recipe that Kids would  love can be hard but

I do know that they love to eat Oreo’s, so why could we just bake an Oreo

flavored cake am sure that would be fun.Your kids would love it and have a very

nice experience lending a helping hand.Here’s an Oreo cake recipe by Yummy

Meals that you might want to try out.


















3. Taco Tuesdays


Mexican food brings that nice spice taste that leaves us craving for more, the

good thing about tacos is that they are very easy to make and are kid friendly

too.This is really a good dish that will allow children to get creative and customize

their own plate,you can mix up the contains to get the best nutritional value out of

it.Here’s a recipe that is very easy to do ,that will only take a couple of  minutes.


You can find great tasting taco recipes on the Wholesome Dish website.



4. Cheese Cake


To add to the list of recipes that you can cook with your children , why not try to

make some cheese cake.This is one of the easiest recipes to make on this list

because you won’t really require to bake at all , which means you won’t have to

worry about them getting close to the stove.This is a rich and cream desert that is

good for the family , try to make it with your children and see if they like it.Being

easy and simple to make below is a very short video that you’ll like to follow.The

video below is from Preppy Kitchen


















5. Fried Chicken


Everyone loves a good piece of chicken, which makes fried chicken even more of

a delicious treat to share and make with your family.Even though its quite the tasty

dish to make, its very important to make sure that you only make it atleast once in

two weeks because we always have to keep a close eye on the amount of

calories that we are consuming each week.Chef Ramsey made his version of

fried chicken using butternut milk , which makes it rich and creamy recipe.The

best thing about this recipe is that it can be done in less than 15 minutes ,which is

just amazing.

















6. Banana Pancakes


During The week you might not have the time to make them a nice full breakfast,

but you can try to spice things up with this very simple recipe by Jamie Oliver

which I think your children will love to make.Pancakes are always a fun favourite

and finding new ways to make them for your kids ,would put a huge smile on there




















7. Pasta


Homemade meals like pasta can be a very nice experience for your kids to learn,

try to make your own pasta instead of getting that store bought one because fresh

pasta is always the best pasta. You trying this will improve on your cooking skills

as well, making your own pasta can sound like a very complicated but it really isn’t

once you learn the basics.


Getting a few tips and pointers on how you can do it and get your kids to cook

along with you , am sure they’ll love that.Gemma Stafford a proffessional chef in

the video below , shows you how you can make homemade pasta .


















So that was our list of the 7 food recipes that you might want to cook with your

children, these are great for family bonding and give you those special memories

that will leave on forever.If you need more food recipes that are easy to prepare

you can try using Hello Fresh, this is a great food delivery company that provides

you with fresh ingredients and great recipes that are very easy to follow.


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Date 21 Oct 2019

Recipes To Cook With Your Children

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