Coping with rejection from child



Cope with rejection by child










































Getting to raise children can bring parents so much joy because they’ve got the

opportunity to watch their kids grow up and achieve all the goals which they had set out,

but sometimes it’s not easy because each mother or father will encounter challenges

along the road.


One of these challenges is trying to cope with the feeling of being rejected by your child,

no words can even describe the kind of emotion any parent can be going through when

they realize that they no longer have that special relationship.


Going through this stage in parenting is common and instead of trying to rush things,

taking things slow is just as essential if you’d like to reconnect with your grown child. Even

though the situation might seem bleak, there’s always a way to ensure that you get back

to state of a healthier relationship with your kin.


Nobody said that parenting would be an easy job, giving up and completely letting go of a

child who hates you. Might have a negative impact on their lives in the long run, as

parents it’s always essential to see to it that you give it your best. Whenever it comes to

your loved ones because they really need that love and support each day, which is a good

point to remember even as deal with this situation.





Don’t Sweep It under the Rag


If you’re looking for what to do when dealing with a child that rejects you and have

nowhere to start, the best place to begin is accepting it. Sweeping problems under the rag

and acting as if everything is normal won’t change anything, leaving you stagnant in terms

of improving the relationship you developed with your child.


Avoiding the challenges you face as a mother or father is what makes the journey that

you’re on different, sometimes we deliberately neglect moments like this because of how

they can make you feel.


Being in a position where you can feel that someone that you love so dearly is moving

further away from you is not easy but facing the problem head on, is going to place

parents in the right position to do something positive about it.






















Forcing Things Isn’t Right


It’s normal for a child to reject a parent every now and then because it’s part of growth but

sometimes, guardians are prone to forcing a solution that might not fix the problem.

Having to force family time in the hopes of getting your child to like you, can drive them

even further away from you.


The main goal should be finding a long term solution and not going for the quick fix

because you’ll end up in the exact same position that you might be in currently, in as much

as parents would like to mend their broken hearts by reigniting that old flame.


Taking your time with it, is just as essential because everything does change with time and

sometimes it’s going through situations like this that allow you to become an even better

parent for your kids.





Parents Should Reflect


Why does your grown child have hatred towards you? , with all things parenting. It’s really

essential for every mother and father to reflect daily on how they associate with the

children. Doing this exercise allows you to know what you can change and do better when

it comes to building that solid relationship, being a parent doesn’t make you prone to

making mistakes because you’re still a human being.


Whenever you feel rejected by your teenage child, don’t always assume that you’re not at

fault and being able to find out what you might have done wrong. Will help you know how

to properly handle the situation, as the adults in the home.


Lead by example, don’t keep on hurting your kid’s feelings and deal with the

consequences later own.





















Hear Them Out


Another great way to figure out what’s really going on is by giving them an opportunity to

be heard ,  listening to your children is very essential not only when it comes to mending

relationships but also when trying to learn more about what’s going on in their lives. As

you get to hear what they’ve got to say, don’t try and undermine them but always be



Being a teenager or a child that has already crossed into adulthood in this day and age is

difficult, with all the pressure that they might be going through daily. It’s only going to be

normal for them to act differently from time to time and the only way you can help them as

a parent, is by making sure you listen.


At one point in time, you were also a teenager that was facing challenges in life and this

point alone is what should help allow you to understand them even more. Assuming that

they’ve got a bad attitude whenever you feel like you’ve been rejected, is not okay

because there might be other problems happening behind the scenes.





A sensible approach


As you go through these trying times when parenting, it’s always essential for you to

approach this in the right way. Going into this trying this with a negative attitude will only

limit the amount of effort which you’ll get to put into making things work, keep on being

positive through and through.


Don’t overthink it because you’ll know that one day, all of this will be in the past and it’s

just a platform for your family to improve on a lot of things. Let go of the negative thoughts,

start focusing on what you can change.





















Family Intervention


If you feel like things have gotten out of hand when dealing with a grown child who keeps

ignoring you, don’t give up because you can always get help. Getting a second opinion is

great because it allows parents to view the situation from another point of view, fixing a

broken family relationship gets difficult when both sides can hear each other out.


Seeking professional assistance from a counsellor or therapist, puts you in a better

position to improve the lives of each member of the family. Don’t feel like you’ve failed as a

parent because you’re looking for advice, having a children is an opportunity that not

many people get to have.


Seeing people that will help you not only allows you to learn new ways of how to be a

good parent but it also gives you the necessary steps to follow and at the end of the day ,

seeing one happy family is worth the effort.





No matter how old your son or daughter become, they’ll still be your children and dealing

with such toxic moments in your relationship shouldn’t make you forget that. Waiting for

the right moment for things to get better, doesn’t mean that you should set yourself up for



Taking the necessary steps is just as important as, staying positive in a negative

environment isn’t easy and this is why you should make time for yourself because even

parents need breaks too. Being a parent doesn’t make you a superhero but when having

children does, so don’t give up on them and keep on trying to restore positivity in your






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