Teach children how to be respectful


Teaching Children How To Be Respectful






























As a parent there are many things that we have to teach our children , from

reading to even the small things like showing kindness and being grateful. As a

parent it is very important for us to show the more valuable ideologies because we

are their very first teachers that they have. That being said it gives us a task of

teaching skills that will build them up to be good role models in society.


one of the most critical things that I feel a child should learn is how to be

respectful towards others. Not only will it help them stay humble but it can also

provide them with valuable knowledge from the experiences they will go through. 


That being said it is very important to remember that respect has to be shown in

order for it to be earned. Making it essential for us to be patient when our young

ones are trying to acquire this virtue.like all things parenting its a funny but long

process so just relax and don’t stress about it.In this informative article , I’ll try to

break down how you can effectively show them how to become respectful through

various types of Tips and strategies.




















Having said this it is essential to remember that this definition might only make

sense to us as guardians and not so much for the children. This then causes me

to poses a question to us , which is how can we then translate that meaning into

something more understandable for the little ones to recognize.Explaining this

concept to them can be done in alot of ways, however I’ll start by giving you a

more kid friendly definition of respect that you can give them.


“This is the act of considering someones feelings and treating them like you would want them to treat you “ - mom


You can use that meaning as it is easier to explain to them, but another thing you

can do is to use examples of when and how to be respectful. Not only will it allow

them to appreciate you when they see it being done in real time but, will also help

them remember it more vividly.Here are some examples


  1. Telling them to listen to adults when they are talking
  2. Telling Them name calling is not nice 
  3. Not talking back to elders when being talked to 
  4. Making sure that you follow whatever elders tell you and ask you to do


And so on. So the above are just a few examples of how respect is shown, you

can also find more of these examples on the talkingtreebook.com website.




1.Lead by being respectful


As mentioned earlier in the post we are our little ones first instructors as they

enter into this world, that is why it is very essential for us to lead by example when

it comes to this virtue.In order for us  to gain respect it has to be shown,making it

our responsibility to play our part. Children usually learn by seeing and then

repeating what they have seen, so try to be the best role model you can be in their



Leading by example also means you’ll have to show them the same leave of

admiration that you would demand. Doing this can be difficult at times but it just

has to be done. In order for it to be returned.So try by all means to listen to them

when they talk or even give them the privacy of their own.its small things like this

that can really give you success when it comes to achieving what you want.


Another thing you can do in terms of being their model, is that you can show them

that owning up for mistakes is important too. This not only shows them that its

good practise to apologize for mistakes but also a great way to show them how to

be accountable.




















2.Notice The Patterns


The next thing you must do in order to change them is to notice what might be

causing them to act a certain  way. noticing a change can be a great way to start

changing there mentality.Sometimes children might act disrespectful because

there needs aren’t being meet.Therefore talking to them and having that one on

one conversion might actually make a difference on how the react towards you

and others.


Finding out what is causing them to act the way they are is definitely one of the

best ways to approach the problem. This might be because most of the time we

rush towards punishment when sometimes all they might need are some sweet

words from the ones they love and they’ll be ready for change.


Another word of advise is that you’ll have to be very quick in detecting a change in

their attitude, because if you let them off the hook it can cause them to get fed up

of this process once it is started and make them distant towards you.



3.Manage The Content


I find this a useful factor that parents usually miss when it comes to teaching their

children how to be respectful, making them listen to or watch helpful content is

very important as it helps them learn much faster.


Having said that it becomes imperative for us guardians to Give them appropriate

content that teaches them about respect, it can be through watching Youtube

videos, cartoons, or even movies as long as it has a positive impact on their

personality in terms of attentiveness as well as consideration.


Managing the content they watch is really essential in the up bringing of your child

in general because according to the fastcompany  the brain makes it easy for us to

remember what we have seen, this makes it a really good technique.


So does the content your child watch help them grow in any way and if

it doesn’t what measures have you put into place to change that ? so try as much

as possible to feed them good quality information from a young age.




















4.Discipline your Children


The act of training someone to follow the rule or obey code using a punishment is

what we all refer to as discipline . Sometimes you might just have to put a bit more

emphasis on getting the message through to them. Showing them some form of

discipline might be need even if you are trying to teach Them to be respectful . 


However try not to be too harsh with whatever punishment that you are  giving

them. As this makes them resist you and cause them to draw further away from

you which is something no parent would want for there child. Adjusting the means

of punishment and still staying respectful of them is a good way to get started.

Also some parents might thinking that disciplining your children harshly is wrong

but sometimes in order for them to stop doing something bad they have to be

shown the after effects.


Another thing you can do before disciplining them is briefly engaging in

conversations with them and talk to them about what happened. This helps you to

listen to what the they have to say and hear out their side of the story. In doing

this you are not only showing them respect but also giving them a different angle

on how they too can handle things in a calm manner. Besides there just might be

a somewhat valid reason for them acting out . So don’t be too quick to put your

foot down just yet , try to ask them why and let them explain.



5.Its All About Actions


This can also be listed under being a role model but it has to be stressed

differently, it is very essential.That as grown ups we display this virtue not only to

your children but also to other people too.Because I remember as a kid I used to

notice how my parents used to treat people to see if they would stick to what they

said and it turns out they would stick to what that they said. it turns out they did

atleast most of the times. So being mindful of how you treat people whilst your

kids is very important and to add on .


it also makes it a good thing to tell close friends and family members to have the

right behaviour when they are around your young ones. This will help create a

good environment for them to actively grow in the correct manner. Making it even

easier for them to gain great morals as they see them as norms.learning things

that might make them disrespectful . Also try as much as possible to get friends

for them that will add on to them instead of destroying them.




















6.Respect & Examples


Sometimes the best way to get the point across on becoming more respectful is

to practice some examples by literally showing them.I know this might sound like

something that might be irrelevant but it can be very useful to them.


Acknowledging that kids don’t understand things the way you do is very important

to keep in mind and using this strategy can be great tool to use. so showing them

some sample scenes and acting them out in a fun fashion.Doing this will not only

make them get excited about learning but also allow them to take up the

information more easily, another plus is that It will reduce the risk of rejecting this.



7. Patience & Consistent


As with all things parenting it is very important that you maintain the same level of

consistency and patient when it comes to your methods of choice.  This is

because sometimes these methods might take alittle while in order for them to

actually come to pass. Therefore with frequent passing you’ll be able to succeed

in whatever you are doing.


So don’t get frustrated if they don’t get it the first or second time because they are

just little after all so be patient they will eventually get it. Another thing is that you

shouldn’t over estimate your expectations when it comes to teaching respect as it

has to be shown in order for it to be earned.


Also try and make this experience a fun and memorable one it definitely helps

them to take in the information more easily . so don’t be too serious and try not to

stress too much about it because it will all be alright in the end.So try to stay

chilled and relaxed as this too is showing them a great amount of respect towards









8.Good deeds Shouldn’t go Unnoticed


Respect is something that is earn and not given right ? .So it can be nice of you to

show some gratitude towards them when they do something that is good. This will

motivate them and help them to consistently practice it, it will also build up

momentum to make them try harder to thrive and achieve even more positive

morals.In an article that was posted on the Daniel Wong , it stated that sometimes

children might just  want to get that special approval, which I believe is

very true and sometimes has to be given in a very special way.


However it is essential that we shouldn’t by any means merit bad behaviour as

this will make them think that acting that kind of way might be good . When in

actual sense it isn’t at all so that should be something that must be taken note of

in that respect.



Another important point to remember is that using family time to bond with your

little ones comes in handy whenever you are trying to show them something new.

The bond between you and the mainly determines how they will respond to what

they are being shown. So you can try to set up particular days of the week in

which you can use up that time to do things Together as a family.





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