How parents ruin relationships wth teenagers


How Parents Ruin Relationships With Teenagers






























We all like to see our teenage children be happy while their at home because of

the safety and comfort that you provide them , a parent teenager relationship isn’t

that easy to maintain.As our kids get older in age , we should be able to find ways

to effectively maintain this connection.However , sometimes its hard for parents to

know their limits and actually get to do things that will improve your relationship

with them in the future.


In this post will look at the small things that we do as parents that will affect our

bond with our teens , because sometimes we’re at fault and knowing these things

will allow you to get better.So before you get to lash out at them , try to take a step

back and look at yourselves for once.





















Being Too Controlling


Just because they’ve gotten older in age , it doesn’t mean that you should

become more controlling of them.I know being with your children does put a big

smile on your face but , try not to force them into becoming their best friend.Just

so that you can know what they do , remember that they aren’t 5 year old’s

anymore and they need their own privacy when they ask for it.


You constantly monitoring them each and every day , will only weaken the bond

that you might have had.Be there for them but don’t try to be nosey , if you need

to know something just talk to them about it.Don’t keep tabs on them for each

move they make , you were also a teenager at some point and you know how

much privacy means to them.




Not Trusting Them


One of the most important aspects of having a good relationship with your young

adults , is being able to trust them.Now I know , that this might not be the easiest

thing to do but most successful relationships are built on trust according to a post

by The Love Is Respect Organization.If you don’t start to give them more of it , it

might cause them to start acting negatively towards you.


Being able to show them that you believe in them , will allow your teens to open

up more and taking the initial step can be very difficult for any parent .The key to

getting comfortable with them , is making sure that you set them up for it.Raising

them to be responsible from the early stages , would allow you to be more

confident in them but it all starts with you.





















Suppressing Them


Being able to listen to your child whenever they’ve got something to say , is

something each parent must do.This well allow you to know how they’re feeling

emotional and gives you the chance to find ways of helping them out.


If you don’t get to hear them out and are constantly talking over them when

they’ve got something to say , is not right at all and most parents have this bad

habit.Our teens are old enough to have their own opinion , so before you get to be

judgemental.Atleast try to hear them out and maybe they might be a logical

reason as to why the acted the way they did.


Making decisions for them is another thing that ruins your relationship with your

teenage children , so make sure they get to voice the way they feel and be willing

to let them open up more.As this will allow them to make better choices because

you’re able to guide them.




Not Being Present


Earlier in this post we mentioned that befriending our teens might be doing too

much , especially when you force it on them.However , building a stable

relationship within the family will require you to be present.Making sire that you’re

trying to spend more of your free time with them , would allow you to connect on

an emotional level and also help you know your teenagers more.


Being present in their lives is very essential , but its all about you the parent

putting in the effort to show up and be there when they need you to be.Make sure

that you set sometime out of your busy day to actually it with them and do

something fun , family time used to create memories.


So if your teenager hates you , the best way to better your relationship is by

actually spending more time with them.





















Bad Treatment Ruins Relationships


Our children will always look at us parents as a source of support and comfort ,

but you might say somethings that might actually ruin your relationship because

their feelings are hurt.The way we act towards them has a very big impact on your

friendship , treating them negatively will have a very bad habit as a parent.

\Not only will it affect our children now but also affect them later own in their lives ,

so try by all means make sure that you maintain the positivity in the home.



Another thing that might have an impact on your parent teenage relationship , is if

you make them feel entitled.Raising entitled children would allow them to feel like

they desire special treatment.Getting the special treatment would mean that

parents would always say yes to each and everything , doing this will affect your

relationship when you don’t show them the kind of attitude they think they should

receive.Parents should try and say no sometimes , it doesn’t mean that your teens

should always control your decisions.



The small things we do as parents can have a very big impact on our children ,

especially when their in the teens.Making sure that you’re friendly in they way you

approach them and try to work on the problems you’ve got.Will only make things

better for your family.





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