why parents need to set a sceen time limit


Why Parents Need To Limit Children Screen Time





























Most of the information that is made available to our children can only be obtained

through the use of technology , which is great and makes things easier for them to

access good content on platforms like YouTube and Google.However , if they

spend to much time on these devices. It can only have a negative effect on them ,

not only health wise but also in the other aspects of their lifestyle and



Which is why as parents , it would be a good thing to start limiting the amount of

screen time for kids and this will form the main talking point of this post.Seeing the

benefits that you get for doing this , might push us as parents to become more

active in the lives of our children.


According to a post by the American Academy of Children & Adolescent

Psychiatry (AACAP) , It was stated that most of the children between the ages of

8 - 12 spend at least 4 to 6 hours a day on their screens.Which is something that

we as parents have to aim at reducing but below are some of the things that will

make you consider doing this.




















Limits Their Influence


One of the biggest uses of electronic devices is for our entertainment , which am

very sure our children love. The content that that kids are exposed to while the

remain glued to their screens , can be very influential in terms of the way they get

to behave and carry themselves.


Spending long periods of time watching content that they aren’t supposed to see ,

will have a negative impact on them in the long run.Which is something am sure

most of us as parents would really realize at first sight , so thats just something to

take note of.


Which is something am sure most of is as parents should take note of , reducing

your kids time on their devices will prevent them from being easily influenced by

the things that they hear and see.Being young makes them very easy to be

pushed into believe things that aren’t true , giving them less time to use their

computers and phones is just a start.




Keep Their Health And Well Being In Check


Another reason why you might look into limiting the amount of time for kids to be

on the screens , is that it might just help them improve their well being. According

to an article by the American Optometric Association , children are at a higher risk

of experiencing retinal damage than adults when exposed to the blue light that’s

emitted by most of our devices.


Using these devices in rooms that aren’t well lit can also add to the problem as

well , this can be very dangerous for toddlers as they’re still developing.Coming up

with particular times when they can use these things for they love to use , wouldn’t

be such a bad idea at all.


Your child’s well being is very important and parents need to do the best they can

to ensure that they stay healthy and spending too much time on screens can have

a negative impact on their sleeping pattern as well , which was mentioned in an

article on the sleep foundation website.




















Bad Grades


Apart from spending time on their phones most of our children have other

activities such as school , which is one of the things that will allow them to gain

knowledge and move forward with life.


Most of the poor performance or drops in their grades might be as a result of

spending less time on their books and more of it on their video games , this again

has to be changed by you the parents.


Encouraging your children to read books is hard but it is doable and preventing

them from doing too much on their consoles is the first thing to do , if you want

your child to start performing well in school.


Cutting down their usage from 4 hours to about something reasonable like 2 hours

is a great way to start moving in a positive direction , alittle bit of tough love will

work just fine.Making sure that your children know how to be disciplined should

always be about being harsh.




Influence From Others


The biggest negative that comes with being glued to being on our screens is that

it promotes our children to isolate more , have you noted this in your children ?.


By this we mean that we that kids get to become more out of sync with the people

that are around them , which isn’t the best thing if you’re looking to keep the family

closer together.Having a good bond with your family is very essential for your

children , spending time together will help you create memories that will continue

to last forever.


This makes it even more of a reason for your kids to start using their phones less

and be more in the moment , missing out on the fun isn’t that great and that’s why

you need parents need to step in.


Parents don’t usually get the opportunity to spend the day with our children ,

because of all the work that we have to do and them being on their phones while

you’ve got an off day.Isn’t the best feeling to have , the best thing is that you can

do something about that.




















Self Judgement


As mentioned earlier in the post , most of the things that our children watch have

a huge impact on the way they think.This can sometimes can cause them to have

some self doubt , because of the lifestyles that they see from the personalities on

the social media platforms.


Children easily believe the information that they get told , making sure that the

watch good content as well as limiting their screen time can allow them to feel

comfortable with themselves.Try to always tell your children that they’re special

and were made for something great , always be positive with your loved ones.




Less Activity


Another thing that comes with the ease at which our children can receive info is

good because they can easily learn things but , getting to comfortable can make

them become alot lazy you know.Young children need to be physically active , as

this not only helps them stay in great shape but also gives them extra benefits and

this was mentioned in a post by the mayoclinc stuff.Spending more of their day

under the sun is great for their body’s and makes it the perfect weather for fun



Keeping them indoors will only cause them to miss out on the fun , especially

during the summer time.So keeping kids far from their phones and computers ,

will actually make them be more active with the way they spend their day.






In conclusion , its good to schedule a particular space in the day where your

children can do something other that being glued to their screens.One of the main

questions that parents usually ask is if there’s a recommended amount of time

child should spend on their phones ? , according to us here on this platform.


The most important thing is giving them just enough time , in order for them to feel

like you aren’t depriving them from watching their favorite shows.You Know your

children best and this makes it much better for you to come up with a suitable time

for them.Hopefully you were able to get something useful from this post and helps

you with your parenting , keep on trying to be there for your children because they

need you.





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