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Practising self care is one of the most essential things that each of us to do ,

which is why you in this post we’ll go through a self care checklist.This list that we

came up with will help you to effectively take care of yourself.By the end of this

post, you’ll be able to add a few of these things to your lifestyle to help it improve

the way you do things.



1.  Stay Off Your Phone 


Social Media is a great way to stay in touch with our family and friends around the

world , which makes it attract alot of users each and everyday.Even though its

great to use, you have to ensure that you also take sometime of from using it.


Which is why social media detoxing is a great thing to do, because it allows you to

care about things that really matter and it allows you to relive yourself from the

pressures of being on these platforms.Taking the time to stay off your phone is

great for giving your eyes alittle bit of rest too , you can use this time to do

something constructive or just take a nap and relax.Practicing this each day is

great for self care and productivity.



2.  Affirmations


Having a few affirmation to say each and everyday, will greatly improve your

mood.Being well motivated each time before you go out of the house, will give you

the confidence that you need to take on any challenge that come your way.


The best way to do the best , is to feel like you are on top and if having some

extra motivation. Below is an inspiration video that you can watch and feel

motivated to take on the day.



3. Positivity & Self Care


Being a positive thinker is an essential part of having good health, as it allows you

to be happy in each and everything that you do.Happiness allows you to relieve

stress according to an article by the HelpGuide.Which just goes to show that you

should try to be more positive with life in general because , it can seem difficult at

times but you just have to remain optimistic and you’ll see good things start to

happen around you.Another reason as to why you should remain positive is

because it will enable you to put in your best effort whenever you’re working ,

knowing fully well that you are expecting a big return.



4. Meditate


Mediation is the a mental exercise that involves relaxation , focus and awareness

according to an article by live and dare.During the day our daily activities like work

and other family related problems can take a tole on you mentally and meditation

can help you relieve some of that stress which you might have , which makes it

more of a reason to add it to your self care  checklist.


Relaxing your mind and unwinding after the end of the day by reflecting on your

day helps alot .As this will make you concentrate on the positive things that you

did through out the day and also allow you to think of better ways to look do

things, meditation might seem like a hard thing to do but it really isn’t.Here is a

short video by Gooful that will help you get better at it.




















5. Healthy Meals


Maintaining your health is a very important part of self care , eating is the main

way that we get all the nutrients that we need for our bodies to develop and stay



Having the right diet will give you more of what you need to achieve a healthier

lifestyle , one way to make sure that you’re actively staying health is by making

the right decisions.Like for instance take water instead of a soda , drinking water

and other natural juices do contain less calories.


Making it a good healthy decision.Taking in healthier options will allow you to

change your overall well being.



6. Burn Some Calories 


Exercising more often is a great way to maintain your health and well-being ,

which is why adding a couple of workouts to your day would be great.Working out

is very beneficial for the body , as it allows you to improve your immune system

by strengthening it.


Work out definitely has its benefits but , did you also know that it’s a very great

way to relieve stress.A tip that you have to remember is that you have to stay

hydrated during your workouts to prevent dehydration from happening and also

take it slow. If you’re a beginner you don’t really have to go all out whilst you work

but take it slow.



7. Spirituality


In order to find yourself , you might have to stay in touch with your spiritual side .

Doing this will help you remaingrateful for what you have been given and also

make you become a better person, so trying to be more spiritual might be just the

thing that you need to get your life back on track.


Most if the religions like Hinduism , Islam and even Christianity , do promote some

values that will allow you to stay more disciplined and responsible with the way

you do things.Which is why having a religious lifestyle can actual be very good for

staying emotionally balanced , try to make it an aim to have a close relationship

with your creator.



8. Decluttering


The main aim of self care is to ensure that you keep and maintain your healthy

lifestyle, one way to do this is to keep things organized.According to some

research , people that are more organized with the way they do things are more

likely to be better at managing there lives.


This is why you have to take sometime out of your day to declutter and organize

your personal space , this will allow you to keep it clean and leave your leaving

space looking nice as well as neat.Decluttering is a great way of getting rid of your

old stuff and you can make it even better by actually giving your stuff to people

that need it , something that might be old to you can make a very big difference to

another person.




















9. Stay In Touch


According to an article by psychologytoday , self care was also explained to

comprise of our emotional and mental care. Looking at the emotional side of

things you might want to ensure that you stay in contact with people that show

love and care towards you , keeping these people in your life will give it more

meaning and also improve the bond that you already have with them.So atleast

once in a while check in with them to see how they’ve been doing , this will mean

so much to them and it will make them feel your love and support.


However you should also be nice to everyone that you meet , you never know

what someone might be going through and even a simple greeting can cheer up

their day.



10. Personal Hygiene


Practising Personal hygiene is an essential if you want to maintain your health

and this makes it an important reason for it to be added to the self care checklist ,

we encounter so many germs and bacteria throughout the day.Keeping yourself

well prepared will prevent you from suffering from various disease.So Doing

things like washing your hands, brushing your teeth and keeping your living

spaces clean will keep you healthy.



11. Cleansing


Detoxing each day is a good thing to add to your self care checklist because it

allows you to rid yourself of harmful chemicals.A toxin is a chemical substance

that when in the body does have the ability to change the way our system

functions , we come into contact with these toxins each day through the things we

eat , drink and even touch.Getting , rid of the toxins is a priority and one of the

best ways to do this is by drinking alot of water , water is the earths natural

detoxing agent and we should take advantage of it.There ate other products that

you can try like green tea , which is also well known for detoxing.



12.  Enough Shut Eye


Having enough sleep is a must for each and everyone of us , getting the right

amount of rest each day will allow you to be more productive and allow most of

the bodies metabolic processes to take place.The Sleep foundation made it clear

in an article on their site that we should all aim to get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep

each day , if you don’t get this much sleep them you might have to set out

sometime during the day that you can use to rest up.



















13. Free Time


With everything going on in the day, you have to set sometime out just for

you.This time should be used to do something that you like , doing this will keep

you relaxed and happy.Take this time to either read a book or go for some

shopping , as long as you love to do that activity.Being happy is the first step to

being healthy.



14. Updating Goals


Goal Setting is a very essential part of self care and leaving , which is why you to

should try to add it into yourself care checklist.Updating your goals regularly will

allow you to constantly recognize what you have to do , so try as much as

possible to set some new goals.


like for instance if you  wanted to get a new house or wanted to added it to your

list of goals to achieve , try to always improve yourself each and every time .The

sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do , so make sure that you don’t

settle for less.




So Those are just some of the things that you can add to your own self care list ,

try to customize it to suit your needs to make it easier for you to follow.Make sure

that you’re consistent with all the things that you do to make sure that you get to

see these changes earlier , the follow through is usually whats harder to do for

most of the people.





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