Short and long term goals for your children



Short & long term goals for parents











































Setting parenting goals is one thing but knowing what types of objectives to have is

different, the important part about having these goals while raising your children is that it

helps parents focus on the things that are essential.


There are so many obstacles that get in the way of building up kids correctly, especially in

an age where information can be easily accessed at a click of a button. Which can

influence the attitude your kids have not only towards you as parents but life, setting up

long term or short term parenting goals will allow you to stay on track with their growth.


Each child is unique and this makes it very difficult for all parents to have the same style of

raising their kids, however we do share a common goal of ensuring that they have a better

future and it all starts with you.





Less Dependent


In as much as parents must ensure that all their children’s needs are met, it’s just as

important to try help them be more self-sufficient. Setting them up for success is one thing

but getting to do everything that they want is another and this is one of the ways parents

easily hinder their success, wanting what’s best is all about providing the right path in

which they should follow.


Doing most of the things for them is only going to stop them from learning what it feels like

to accomplish the small tasks and being confident or successful, is all about getting to

build on those minor achievements.


So let your kids try start doing the small things for themselves and let them build on from

there, this attitude will help them as they walk through life.





Good Attitude


One of the more common long term parenting goals is raising a child that is well

mannered, this is one goal that takes time to achieve but is well worth the wait. With all the

qualities that come with being a good child, parents need to understand that instilling a

character such as this isn’t always going to be a walk in the park because it’s something

your kids also need to get acquainted with.


So even as they being to learn all these things, parents have to be patient with them

because the ultimate goal is having this attitude constantly practised and not just

something done occasionally, be more understanding.


Them throwing tantrums and lashing out is only part of the process, getting upset that your

kids won’t make the process go by faster you know.



















Role Models


Parenting goals shouldn’t only be thought of us objectives that your children should

accomplish but guardians must also look at these objectives as finding ways to improve

on their parenting skills, being an adult in the household means that your children look up

to you.


Being held in such high standing means that the traits that you get to display might be

adopted by your children and this is why becoming a good model for them to follow is

quite essential, telling a child to act in a certain way gets easier if they can see you

practising what’s being preached.


Have you been a good model for your kids?.


If you feel that you’ve fallen short in this aspect then it’s never too late to change, because

your kids still need you.





Success in School


Another common parenting goal for their children in school is having them excel and keep

on being successful as they go to class, even though parents might not be with them

throughout the day.


There are still some activities that you can do which will ensure that they have a more

productive time while they attain an education, spending time with them after school to go

through what they learnt in school is a good way to refresh their minds and help them stay

actively involved with their academics.


Parents should always expect their children to be great students without ensuring that

they’ve got a solid foundation, so try by all means to set them up by being more involved

in their lives.


Having an education is what helps them learn skills that will allow enable them to take

care of themselves in the future, gaining knowledge and understanding is powerful tool

which will keep the future bright.




















A Positive Relationship


Having a positive relationship with your child is a great example of a parenting goal, being

able to have a great connection with your family as mother is something that will allow you

to be fully involved in their lives.


Them being children doesn’t mean that they don’t experience pressure because

something might be bothering them constantly and the only way you can find out the truth

is through communication, having a conversation is the one thing that can help you as a

parent fully understand what’s going on in their lives.


So let this year be different for your family , spending more time together is the best way

you can build a strong relationship that will keep everyone closer. Having a toxic

environment in which no one is able to communicate is only going to cause push

individuals in the family away from each other and this is something that no parent would



A family that plays together, stays together.





Be Big On Personal Care


One of the most essential goals that parents need to daily is setting more time for

themselves, with all the responsibilities that come with raising kids. Having more time to

relax and unwind will help you deal with all the stress which goes with being a parent, not

being able to properly deal with all this pressure causes most parents to burnout.


Leaving them to feel like they can’t keep on parenting anymore, so it’s time for you to start

looking after yourselves properly not only because you feel better but also for your kids.

You being able to feel at your best would make it easier for you to put in the best effort into

making sure the needs of your kids are met, don’t neglect personal care.





No More Lazy Parenting


Becoming an effective parent is all about being proactive in the way you do things, having

the right approach towards your children doesn’t only mean being positive but it’s more

about being able to have the correct strategy as well.


Solving the struggles that come with raising children doesn’t have to be constant battle

because there are so many platforms which provide you with ideas that you can build

upon, even as you look to improve as a parent.


Letting go of those old methods that aren’t seeming to work and finding more creative

ways to achieve your goals is something that needs to be implemented, seeking help or

advices doesn’t make you less of a parent. At the end of the day, getting key information

that will improve how well you relate with your family can change everything for the better.




















Adding More Value


Being protective of your children isn’t only done by physically restricting them from going

to a particular place but might also be in terms of limiting the kind of information they’re

exposed to.


Your goal as a parent should be finding ways of exposing your kids to new things because

it’ll help build on their understanding , keeping them closed up by overprotecting them is

only going to limit them from learning more about life.


So start exposing them to the right kind of information, not everything about life is learnt in

schools and parents need to be able to impart the knowledge which will help them know

what is right.


If you don’t teach them certain things they might end up going to the wrong source and

picking it up from there, start adding more value to their lives by guiding them through






Parenting Is Commitment


Setting parenting goals is all about commitment and if there’s one thing that parents

shouldn’t do, its throwing in the towel because your children are counting on you. Even as

things get difficult as you raise your loved ones, having these goals in mind should serve

as a reminder for you to keep on pushing until the main goal is achieved.


So don’t give up on them but keep on trying your best to make sure that you do the best

you can be, these points highlighted above are just examples of parenting goals which all

parents should have but there’s always room for more and that’s something only you can



Having a set of parenting examples and objectives is one thing but being able to carry

them out, is all about the follow through because taking action is what produces progress.




Be the mother or father your kids need to be successful in life and not the people that

stand in their way, so become the positive pillar of support in their lives by taking the right

steps today.





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