Signs of toxic parenting


Signs of toxic parenting











































Each parent has got a different style when it comes to raising children but one goal every

guardian has in common is wanting the best for their loved one, however the only way to

make this dream work is by being the person who will help them succeed.


With all the responsibilities that come with being in charge of the home, it becomes easy

for you to display bad styles of parenting and even though it might not be intentional. The

impact that it has on the relationship that you share with children are permanent, which is

why building up awareness is what will help you prevent bad habits from reoccurring.

These are some of the examples and signs of bad parenting.





Not Being Able To Change


One of the qualities that makes a good person a bad parent is the failure to adapt and

adopt change, being in charge of the home is more than just being able to provide for your

family but also about getting to lead by example.


They way that you act and carry yourself as parents does have a huge impact on your

children, not being able to become more of the person that they need to have a successful

future is only putting a limit on your family.


Spending the time to reflect on how you’ve affected the lives of your children, might help

you shine some light on areas that you can improve upon. If you’ve been feeling like a

failed parent then it’s time to lose that mindset and change for the better, make the choice

today because your kids still need you.





















Parents Who Don’t Parent


Each guardian has the hopes of raising a child that is resilient and well-mannered but this

is easier said than done, the inability to follow through with the goals that you set out is

what cause poor parenting.


Building a mindset of placing your children on the right path to succeed is what will make it

much easier for both you and them, being actively involved in their lives is what makes

change happen.


Being the parents who don’t parent and leave things in the hands of their children to figure

out, is only leaving the door open for them to discover bad habits.


Taking control of their lives by providing guidance and placing them on the correct path is

something that a good guardian does, what you get to teach them is whilst they’re at

home is going to have an impact on how they carry themselves in society.





Not Prioritizing Family Time


Having a solid relationship in the family is what will make it easier for you to communicate

with your children and help them deal with tough moments in their lives but in as much as

most parents intend on creating this bond, other activities such as work prevents them

from achieving this goal.


However thinking that you need to spend countless hours with your loved ones each day

in order to establish this relationship is false, it isn’t about how much time you spend

together but more about what is done period.


Even the smallest activity like getting to read a bedtime story to the young ones can have

a big impact on your relationship, being the uninvolved in their lives makes it difficult for

them to open up about the things that are bothering them in life.


Always try your best to spend time with them and do something fun that will make the

memories last forever because your children aren’t growing any younger, curve your bad

parenting habits by bonding more.





















Stop With the Negativity


Children will be children and sometimes it takes a while for them to learn what’s right, so

it’s common for them to sleep up once in a while but constantly having a negative reaction

when these mistakes have been made.


Is what might cause your children to stop trying and give up on becoming better , lashing

out or yelling at your children isn’t going to motivate them to improve making it a sign of

toxic parenting because there’s always a better way of approach matters like this.


As guardians you’ll have to be more mindful of the language that is used when

communicating with your children, being a supportive parent means being willing to stay

positive even during the tantrums and just because they might be displaying bad

behaviour now.


It doesn’t mean that it’ll be something that they’ll always be like that, so try as much as

possible to be that pillar of support for the home.





Lazy Parenting


Comparing your parenting skill with other parents and copying each step that they take

when it comes to raising their children is wrong and this is due to the fact that every child

is different, in as much as each guardian would want to have good kids.


It doesn’t mean that each child will understand what they’re being taught at the same rate

and sometimes using poor strategies, makes it difficult on the young ones leading them to

failure which will result in you feeling like a failed parent.


Ruining the lives of your children doesn’t always necessarily mean that you’re too

controlling but its more about not taking the responsibility to give them a better chance to

accomplish the objective that have been set out.


Lazy parenting can lead you to experience a lot of problems whilst raising children

because it takes more than just effort but also commitment is also important, be proactive.




















Avoiding the Red Flags


When you notice that your child has been displaying negative behavior at home or school,

getting to avoid these problems without facing them head on is what will keep them acting

in a negative light.


Parents need to take up more responsibility when it comes to tackling unruly behavior in

the lives of their kids and handling it in the earlier stages, will help you get it under control

much quicker because them getting to see that you’re okay with it.


Will give them the green light in their eyes to keep on being this way, build your children

up to be good a good influence and not bad ones. Sweeping your problems under the rag

is a bad parenting habit that should come to a stop, never avoid the red flags.





Neglecting Yourself


You matter just as much as your children and not being able to spend time alone, which

allows you to release the stress that you might be feeling makes it harder for you to be



Show yourself some love by Prioritizing self-care because being able to feel at your best

will gives you the opportunity to provide the best for your children, you don’t need a

holiday every week to feel better but a couple of hours during the week will do the trick.


Allowing all that pressure and stress which you got to experience into the home can have

a negative impact on the relationship with your children, take care of yourself more.




If this has checked most of the boxes on your list , it only means that you need to put in

more effort by trying to become better parents and with time you’ll be able to make a

positive impact on the lives of your children.





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