Spend quaity time with your teenage children


How To Spend Quality Time With Teens


































When our children reach their teens , its still important for us as patents , to take

sometime out of our busy schedule and be with them.Getting to bond with your

teenage daughter or son , is the not the same as doing it with your toddlers.


This is an important point to remember because , sometimes its hard for us as

parents to view our children as grown ups.This is because you raised them up

from the time they couldn’t walk or talk and now , they’re able to do everything on

their own and this is what makes the whole parenting process unique.Having a

strong relationship with your young adults will allow you to keep the family



The simplest way to do this , is by taking the step and trying to be more present in

their lives in the smallest ways you possibly can.Here are some of the things to

consider when you’re trying to have quality time with your teenagers.Family time

should always be a happy moment and this is what will help you create those

special moments , that everyone is going to remember for every.






















Step Into Their Lives


Them being all grown up means that they can make their own decisions.If being

with your family members is all about enjoyment , then why not let them choose

what they’d want to do.Forcing our children to do things isn’t good at all , as this

might only make them want to spend less time with you.


Getting them to pick something will allow them to feel good and have a great day

with their favourite people in the whole world , so just try to be more open to the

experience and you might create some memorable moments.If they’ll want you to

play some video games with them , try to give it a go.



Schedule Your Time


The most common question that am sure most parents might be asking

themselves , is how much time should I Spend with my teenager and the truth is .

Its more about quality than quantity , whatever you chose to do with them will

have a very big impact on your relationship , so making sure that you get to

schedule your time is essential.


Our teens also have their own activities that they’ll have to do within the day and

making sure that you sit down and pick a date , will allow you to both clear up your

schedules for that day.Having to spend your time on the weekend sounds great.






















Limit Smart Phone Use


Sticking with the theme of having quality time , its only right if you put away your

smart phones for a while as you enjoy each others company.Teenagers get to

spend most of their free time , scrolling through their phones and so do

parents.Which is why limiting your screen time for this activity , will allow both you

and your teenage children to have more fun,This is something that will put the

quality back in the few hours you get to spend and it also doubles up as a way of

giving your eyes alittle bit of a break.



Mix It Up


The final parenting tip that we’d like you to take from this post , is that you’ll have

to be creative with how you bond with your teenagers.Having a good relationship

with each family member just can’t happen after spending a few hours with them

each week , it comes by being consistent in the way you do things. So try to mix

things up alittle and get to do something interesting every now and then , to give

them something to look forward to each time.


So there you have it , those are some of the things that you should consider when

trying to keep things fun when you spend time with your Teenage children.Being

present in their lives at this stage is very important and it provide you with means ,

to get through to them whenever they shut you out.


Family’s that stay together spend time with each other the most and we hope you

get to do the same.





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