How to stop living in your head


How To Stop Living In Your Head




































We use our minds to tackle so many problems in our daily lives and this helps us

move forward with our day but tin the same vain our heads can become so heavy

and filled with alot if sorrow.As well as worry about things to come , which can

cause us to experience alot of anxiety.Living in your head is something that can

be good or bad depending on the situation but , if you’re looking for ways to get

out of your own head and take a breather.Below are some of the things that you

can do whenever you’re feeling pressure or when you’re trying to think clearly ,

during the day.



Focus On Something Else


You only thinking about whats on your mind when everything around you seems

negative , may only make the problem feel alot worse than it actually is and this

will cause you to feel sad all day.Which means that you’ll find it vert hard to get

things done , so the best thing for you to do is focus on something else.


Letting your mind wonder for a bit and spending your time on other things that you

find interesting , will help you feel more relaxed through your day and will give you

a clear mind.Which will come in handy when you’re trying to solve problems later

own , take your mind of things and don’t get lost in your thoughts.The most

difficult challenges that we get to face as human beings are mental , because

we’re fighting things that we can’t see.
















Being Realistic Helps


Spending too much of your time in your head , can cause you to feel and make

decisions that are based on things that aren’t true , which can be extremely

dangerous at times.Especially when it comes to making key decisions that will

affect our lives , which is why its good to have a reality check.


Self reflection is an important tool that will allow you to examine yourself and help

you , moving forward.We all have hopes and aspirations that we’d like to achieve ,

but its easy for us to feel like we’re making the right decisions.When in actual

sense , they might not be so great.


Being a human means that we’re prone to making mistakes and thats okay , but

whats not okay is when you don’t make changes and correct them.Even when

you’re trying to make life the way you’d want it to , you’ll have to be realistic and

take the necessary steps to get there.



Talk To Someone


Bottling up your feelings can make it hard for us to get through the day , going

through a bad spell can have a very negative impact on our approach to life and

this is why you need to talk to someone. Opening up about the way you feel will

help you not only get that huge weight our chest but , help you find a solution to

whatever you might is causing you to day dream all the time.


If there’s something thats bothering you throughout your week , its a really great

sign that you need to open up to someone who you trust.We highly recommend

that you get professional help from a therapist or guidance counsellor , if you can

but opening up to your close friends or family is just as great.


















With everything that happens during the day , its easy for anyone to keep on living

in their minds because we keep on wondering whats going to happen next.Its in

these moments that it becomes very easy for you to feel alot of anxiety , which

can lead you to feel depressed.


Even though it might be difficult to stay positive in these moments.Its essential for

you to take a step back and take a minute to breathe , you don’t really need to

rush into things that you don’t think about.Which is why we talked about self

reflection earlier own , its okay to wait alittle and take a breath of fresh air before

moving forward.Taking a break is a good way to clear your mind , you walking

through the park or spending sometime alone.Are a few of the things that can

help you feel more relaxed.



Think of Now


You don’t need to concern yourself with what will happen tomorrow or the day

after , you need to only be focused on whats on your plate at the moment.The

reason why it becomes difficult to stop living in our minds is because , we’re

always thinking about whats going to happen to us in the future.


Especially when we’re going through a rough patch in our lives and hearing the

phrase ,”Don’t Worry”.May sound like something that you get to hear often and

applying it to our situation , can be really difficult.


The good thing about being alive is that we’re all given the same amount of time (

24 hours ) , it’s all about how well we’re able to manage it that will make us

successful.You only need to take care of what you’re able to and the rest will fall

into place , so just do what you can each day and better things will happen.




Those are a few things that will allow you to feel less pressured and help you

have a clearer mindset , we all go through problems each and everyday.Its all

about taking action and becoming better , day dreaming during the day while you

think about whether things will get any worse.


Will make you lose alot of time and focus on what you’re supposed to be doing ,

this is why you’ll need to take a deep breather to reflect upon your life goals.You

need to take sometime to look at things that are positive , open up to someone if

you need to and don’t bottle everything up.


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Date : 13 Jan 2021

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