Taking time for yourself


Taking Sometime For Yourself





































We’ve all got alot of activities and tasks , which have to be completed at the end

of the day.This can be anything from work to any other event that might keep us

busy, However.Its essential for you to ensure that you take time off and rest , even

though we all have obligations to fulfil.Adding this to your routine might actually

help you , below are some of the reasons as to why its important to take a break

from your work for a while.















You Are Important


You putting in all that energy and focus on something , is what allowed you to be

in that position you’re in at the moment.Getting to take sometime off doesn’t mean

that you’re going to step out forever but , it can just be a couple of hours during

the day where you treat yourself hours by yourself.Hard work is important and so

are you , you need to be able to take care of yourself correctly in order to do

more.Its perfectly fine to do something nice for yourself once in a while because

you earned it.



Give Your Brain Rest


Constantly thinking of ways on how you can get the job done and sitting in front of

the desk for a long time , will leave you tired on that particular day.Can you image

feeling that way for the entire week ? , thats another good reason why you need

to give your brain a break.Sleep is one of natures gifts to us and its essential that

you do this in your down time , in a post on Understanding Sleep by The National

Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.


It was highlighted that catching up on sleep during the weekend is not

adequate.which means that we need to change our understanding about the way

we go though our day to day activities , taking time off might not actually be like a

personal day away from work.Its all about making the time during the day to take

care of ourselves daily , getting some rest is what will give you the energy to

complete the tasks that are ahead of you the next day.















Avoiding Burning Out


Another reason why its important for you to take a break from work , is because

things can become overwhelming really fast and this can lead us to feel tired

quickly.Being productive with the way we spend our time , is what will allow you to

achieve your goals.Most of the time when you’ve got so much to think about , its

really hard for you to channel your energy and feel focused on one thing. Which is

why you need to give yourself time to clear your mind , so that you can do things



Taking your mind off things for a while will allow you to do more with your day and

help you be more productive , you need to make sure that you create your own

self care routine and remember.Its not about letting yourself Rest on one day but

,its all about ensuring that you’re more than able to keep on going throughout the

week without feeling the need to through in the towel.



Taking same time off is one of the small activities that we can do that have a very

huge impact on our lives , you need to makes sure that you set a few breaks in

your schedule.To help you recoup and recharge your energy for whats to come.


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Date : 16 Jan 2021

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