How children should tk to their parents


How Kids Should Talk To  Parents



























There are times when you need to ask your mom and dad for something or you

need to talk about an important issue , the only way to communicate how you’re

feeling is through talking.However , you might need to change the way you

approach your parents even if you’re looking to get something right away , its

essential for you to be more patient.


As kids you need to know that your parents are humans too , which means that

they also have feelings and they can also feel offended by the way you talk to

them.So below are some of the small things that you need to think about before

you approach them , which would hopefully improve the way you communicate

with them.














Be Polite


As children , you need yo be more polite in everything that you do and this is a

very good place to start if you’re trying to have a good conversation.If you’re being

rude to your parents will you’re talking to them , it’ll only hurt them and make them

feel like you don’t really like them or care about them.


Try to be the well behaved children they know you to be , it doesn’t hurt anybody if

you’re being to polite.In fact , if you’re polite as you interact with your

parents.They’re more likely to pay attention to what you’re going to say , shouting

or raising your voice doesn’t change the answer that they’ll give you.



Simple Words Please


Whenever you talk to your friends and parents , you should be able to know when

to use some of the words and when not to use them.Making sure that you make it

easier for them to understand your point of view , so you using the phrases that

you use with your friends when talking to your parents. Might lead to some

misunderstandings between the two of you , a simple conversation with easy



Is a great way to get your message across to them.So just keep that in mind the

next time you’re talking with your parents and maybe , it’ll go easier than it was

last time.














Talk To Them When Their Free


Your parents get to do alot during the day like getting to work and all the other

errands , which could really leave them tired and them coming back home would

only leave one thing on their mind.You trying to tell them something very important

wouldn’t really be the right time , because they’ve got alot of other things on their



So don’t always feel like your parents don’t want to listen to what you’ve got to say

, because they’re just trying to provide you with the things that you need.Picking

the right time is very important for you to think about so just remember that , so

wait for them to be free with their day and then you’ll be able to talk to them.



Don’t Always Ask for Stuff


Just because your parents are supposed to get you the things you need , it

doesn’t always mean that you can only talk about what you need.You can also get

to talk about many different things , like for example you can get to ask them how

their day went.You’re meant to be more open with your parents and knowing more

about them would be a really good way to bond and besides , talking to your

parents is the best way to find out what you could get for their birthday.You

parents do alot for you and spending time with them is very important.














Be Open


Your parents are there to help you understand alot of things that you go through ,

so don’t feel to shy to voice your opinion.The only way they’ll know and

understand how you’re feeling is by you speaking up about it , so don’t bottle up

how you feel.You’ve grown up with them and lived with them for a very long time ,

you feeling scared around them is totally necessary.Being more open is what will

allow you the conversation between you and them to keep on going , so express




Be Clear


Earlier we talked about making sure you use simple words to make it much easier

for your parents to understand you.Another thing you’ll have to do is be clear , in

this case we aren’t talking about speaking up but more of how you’re trying to ask

them for.If you don’t know what you want to ask your parents for , its harder for

you to get your request answered.


You might feel that your parents are going to deny your request even before you

ask for it , which is why you try to go round in circles before reaching your point.It

doesn’t always have to be this way , just go right ahead and ask them for what

you need.If they say “No” , am sure that they’ll give you a good reason why they

refused.So try to be clearer each time you’re communicating with your parents.



Having a great and easy to communicate with your parents will allow you to share

a special bond that would keep you guys closer together , so don’t just speak with

them whenever you need something done. Get to share how your day went and

connect on a deeper level , remember to be polite and make it easy for them to

understand what you’re saying.Be the well behaved children that everyone knows

that you are.


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