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Teaching Children How To Save Money 

Saving money is a very essential skill that each of our children need to be taught

as they grow older, but as parents finding ways which you can actively show your

children how to do this can be extremely difficult.In this post will take a look at

some of the ways which will help you the parent ,effectively train your child to start

spending money more efficiently.


By the end of this post , you should be able to show them some ways to start

saving.With all things parenting on this website , you’ve got to remain consistent

in order for you to see any major changes in your children.Being this way will

place them in a much better position of learning whatever you might want to show





Why Is Showing Children How To Spend Money Important ?



Before we get to look at the ways on how to improve their spending , we thought

you might like to know why showing them how to save is essential.


One of the main reasons why this is important is that it’ll allow them to grow up

responsible for their money , having total control of their finances will allow them

to shop and invest their money with confidence.


Most time people have problems with money because they misuse it , by

spending it on the stuff that they want and not what they need.Which could lead

them to start accumulating debt when they get to be in a position to get a credit

card , making it more of a reason for us as parents to actually take part in

teaching them.


When they grow older knowing how to be responsible with how they do things ,

they’ll encounter less problems.Another important reason is that they get to learn

how to get things for less , being alittle bit more  frugal with the way you spend

money will give them the opportunity to use it for something else.


So those are some of the benefits that come with teaching your children how to

save money ,which have hopefully made it more of a reason for you to show them

useful tips of doing it. The most essential thing to note as parents is that , we

should try by all means to instill these practise will they’re younger in age.





















6 Ways To Help Your Children Save Money



Here are some of the ways that you can use to allow your children to get better

with their money.




1. Parents Should Save The First Penny


One of the best ways that children can learn to save is through you the parents ,

which means that you should lead more by example and start to display these



Children learn alot of things from their parents and when they see you saving

money , they’ll feel more inclined to follow you with that practice.


This has to be something that all parents have to consider each time they might

want to show their children something. Being a good example for your children will

allow you to instill some value that you’d like them to have.




2.  Content From The Internet


The easiest ways for children to know important information is by making the

learning experience fun and interactive , doing this makes it much better for you

as the parents.


Its very essential for parents to take advantage of all the resources that are

available on the internet and we should use them to improve they lives of our kids.


Looking for information over the internet will allow you to draw some inspiration on

how to come up with unique ways to assist your children.

























3. Saving Challenge


Children love a little bit of competition , so why not come up with a form of

challenge for them to participate in.This is a very fun way for them to actively stay

involved whenever it comes to learning.


Being a challenge , you’ll have to ensure that you offer some form of surprise at

the end of this competition.One thing you can do is to give them a sum of money

like $40 dollars at the start of the week , the aim of this challenge will be to try and

see who will save the most money after 2 weeks.


That’s just an example of something that you’d do , parents should also try to take

part in this challenge as well to allow your children to feel your presence.




4. Using A Piggy Bank


A more Old fashioned but still an effective way of teaching children how to get

better at saving money is by showing a piggy bank , which will be very exciting for

them to learn about.


Using a piggy bank is a great way for you’re children to learn how start saving up

from what they’ve been given ,this way it’ll also prevent your children from actually

trying to get the money that they saved quickly.Which will further allow them to

become more disciplined about the way they use their resources.


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5. Go Shopping With Them.


Another fun and active way that you can make this learning process easier for you

and your children is by allowing them to come shopping with you , allowing them

to experience things first hand is always the best way to go.


Not only will they get to spend time with you but it will also give them some insight

on how you budget and your process, which will rub off on them.


You could also allow them to help you create the household budget , as this will

further develop a habit of planning things ahead of time.


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6. Simple Conversation


Lastly , having a simple talk with them can be a great way to know more about

this topic. Asking them questions about what they think about saving money , will

further allow you to find better ways of putting  them on the right path.


You can find all the information that you might need but if you don’t take the time

to sit down with them and talk about it , it’ll not have a huge impact on whatever

they’re doing.


So even if you’re busy during the day , you’ll have to take the time to be involved

in the life of your child.Being their for them is a great way to learn how they

understand things , which will only allow you to get better at communicating with





Those are 6 of the easiest ways that you can get your child to start spending

their money better , getting them to achieve this all starts with the parents.


As this will make much better for your children to adopt these money practices ,

giving them this knowledge of spending will give them a better chance to do what

they’ll want with their money having the confidence in what they’ll be doing.


It can take sometime for your children to actually develop these healthy money

habits , so you just have to be patient and continue to show them the ropes until

they can manage on their own.


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Date 07 May 2020

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