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Deciding to start a family with your partner is a very big step to take in your lives ,

because it means that you’re ready to take up the responsibility of bring up a child

and providing them the things that they’ll need each day. Of course , everyone

would want to start a family of their own at one time or another.


Before you finally get to become a mom or a dad , we’ve put together a list of

things that you should do while your still full of youth.Am sure you’ve seen how

much of a job it is raising a child and using your time proper after tying the note ,

would be healthy for you and your partner.Here are Things that you can check off

your list before you’re ready for parenthood.




1. Coming Up With Baby Names


I know this might be too earlier to do , but it would be a fun way to spend your

time with your spouse. Giving your child the right name can take quite a while and

you get a head start , would be just what you need to be creative and come up

with something great.So spend sometime together to think of your future children

and select some forenames and nick names for them.




2. Do The Things You Love


The best way to use your time is by ticking off some things that you’ve always

wanted to accomplish , each of us have atleast one thing that we’ve always

wanted to do but never had the time to do.Well you won’t have those moments of

freedom when you start parenting , so now would probably be the best chance

that you’ve got.


So If you’ve always wanted to go sky diving or visit a certain part of the globe , go

right ahead and do that. Getting to do what you’ve always wanted to will keep you

happy and that’s important for your relationship , don’t wait till you’ve settled to try

and start reliving your youth.




3. Romantic Vacations


With you picking a great partner to spend time with for the rest of your life , it

would only be right for the tow of you to head out for a romantic get away.

Everybody likes to travel and what makes it more special this time around is that

you get to share your memories with your soul mate , which will only have a

positive impact on your relationship.


So plan a trip for two to somewhere that you’ve never been like going to the

Bahamas or maybe going to a place like Rome would be better , a romantic

getaway is definitely something worth doing because most of the hours you’ll

spend later own will be with your kids.



4. More Dates


It doesn’t mean that you’ve got to travel somewhere else in order for you to have

a great time , taking yourselves out on a date will do just fine.Doing this atleast

once each week will allow you to stay in the habit of spending time with each

other , will also continue when you start having a family.In an article written by

Dianne Grande PH.D about Date Night , she mentioned that long term couples

usually have to put in effort into making their lives more joyful and fun.


So going out Bowling or watching a movie , would help you enhance the bond that

you’ve got in the relationship that you’ve got with your partner.Keep the spark

alive by getting to do exciting things together each weekend.




5. Alone Time


Its hard for parents to just sit and relax , because we’re often used to being on our

toes each day trying to get through the day without a hitch.Taking a few moments

to just kick your fit up and read a book , will help you to unplug from the rest of

society for a bit.Being able to have some individual time to just relax.Will allow you

to decompress from all the stress that you might have been feeling throughout the



Taking care of yourself is very important for all of us and starting to do this early ,

will make it easier for you to stay with such a great habit.If you’re not at your best

the people around you will be affected , so feel better to be the best you.




6. Decide Parenting Styles


One of the most important things to consider before having a baby is getting to sit

down with your partner and talk about what kind of parents you’d like to be.


Taking the time to talk through with your spouse about important things about your

future children , will allow you to come up with a plan on how your going to look

after their needs.Children will need your support both emotionally and financially ,

which is why getting to plan ahead of time is essential. You and your partner will

ensure that you make it easier on you to move forward.


Being comfortable in the way you get to parent will allow you to create the perfect

environment for your children to grow up in , it all starts with you.




7. Get Advice on Parenting


Because you’ll be a newbie to this stage of life , being able to get advice on how

you can be better for your family. Is something that you need to know, getting

some info from mom and dad or other people in your circle that are already

parents will make the whole process much easier on you moving forward.


It’ll also prepare you for the responsibilities of starting a family your own family ,

don’t neglect all the information that you’re exposed to on the internet and try to

use it to better yourself.



8. Relationship Check


Even though the two of you might have decided to start having kids , its important

for you to ensure that you’re on the right terms with each other. Airing out any

grievances that you’ve got will allow you to find solutions and help you maintain a

positive relationship , don’t push away your visits with your marriage counselor.




9. Lifestyle Changes : Positive Habits


Being a parent means that you should be able to set a good example for your

children to follow , as this will give them a good role model to look upto as they

grow up and this means that you might have to get rid of some bad habits that you

might have developed.


These bad habits will prevent you from being your best self and visiting a therapist

to take care of this problem , will allow you to get passed it with ease. You’re

changing to be the best parental figure for your children.





10. House Make Over


Before having a baby , you’ll need to make a few changes to the house and turn it

into a place tour kids will call home. This means buying the appropriate furniture

and turning that spare room into a nursery , the house has to be more kid friendly

and this means that some baby proofing is in order.


So doing all the necessary changes to your place will give your chance to provide

your children with a comfortable living space.Clearing out all the clutter that’s in

the home is also another thing that you might want to do , if you’re looking to free

up some space and all those boxes won’t move themselves.



Planning to have a baby is a huge step for any couple and making sure that you

enjoy your time before the baby is important , so you and your partners should

enjoy yourselves before all that happens.



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Date : 05 Sep 2020




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