Things to do with kids before bedtiime


Things To Do With Kids Before Bedtime




























When it comes to night time , most parents find it difficult to put their children to

sleep.Its something that will allow them to have the energy that they need to enjoy

their day tomorrow , if getting your kids to fall asleep feels like a war.


Then maybe we can help you with that by looking at a few activities that parents

and children can do before bed because sometimes our kids might not want to go

to their rooms , due to the fact that they don’t want to end a fun day.Which is why

you need to try new things and add them to their routine , making them feel like

they won’t miss out on anything.

















Story Time


A great way to end your day on the right note is by reading them a good bedtime

story , even though most parents work during the day.Its really essential to spare

a few hours of the night with them , which is why a good tale is the best way to

pass the time and am sure your children will love that.


Tucking them in at night should be the aim of most parents because they won’t

get to be younger for a long time and this activity doubles up as a way to just

spend more time with them.So get to pick a story book that they like and bond , as

you share a tale that will give them sweet dreams.



Quick Game


Playing a few games with your children before bed time is another great way to

ensure that they go to bed happy , its not always that we’ve got time on our hands

to be with our kids and most parents feel like building a strong relationship has to

be difficult but it doesn’t have to be.Its usually the small things that you do each

day , that will allow you to stick together as a family.


There are so many fun board games that you can play to pass the time , from

monopoly to charades the list is endless but if you’re not really into board games

then it would be good to find other activities that you can try.


This would be a really good opportunity to introduce them to games that you used

to play during your childhood , seeing a smile on the face of your kids is always

great and nothing makes them happy than enjoying their time together.Just

because bedtime is near , it doesn’t mean that the evening has to end on a bad


















Planning For Tomorrow


Having a great day , also depend on how well you plan for it and making sure that

your kids are well prepared.Will make that trip to school on Monday a breeze ,

getting involved and helping your kids plan for tomorrow doesn’t have to be boring

because theirs so much you can do.


Ranging from planning the fun activities you’ll get to do , to helping them make

their favorite treats for school , its the simple things that you do together that will

make the evening more exciting and give you the chance to make sure you’ve got

a great day.



Self Care Is Fun


Taking care of our children is one of the priorities that we’ve got as parents and

the only way to allow them to keep on practising personal health , is by getting

more involved in their lives.Making sure that they brush their teen is a good way to

prevent any cavities and you can join in on the fun , dancing along whilst sing your

favorite songs is one thing that will make that time more enjoyable.


Having them do some yoga stretches another thing that you can consider , its

these small things that will makes the best memories that will last a long time . Its

all about making them fell relaxed before you send them to their rooms for the

night ,  maybe making them have a bath would be just as essential.

















Talk To Them


Kids have  alot of things on their minds and the only way to know what they’re

thinking is through communication , just because they might be younger.It doesn’t

mean that they don’t feel stressed and pressured throughout their lives and its up

to parents , when it comes to helping them open up and express themselves.


Having a chat with your kids before they sleep is something that might help them

relax and also be fun for them , which is why you need to be more open with your

kids and share some of your stories with them.You’ll never know what will inspire

them and let them feel better about themselves , which makes having a good light

hearted conversation a good way to put a smile on their face.



If you’re religious it would be good to end the evening with some prayers and help

your children have sweet dreams , so don’t feel like your child need to go to sleep

with a sad face because there are things that you can add to their routine to

change that.Don’t let them stay up so late because they need all the energy that

they can get for tomorrow.


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