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Wanting to start practising alittle bit of self reflection would definitely , have a

positive impact on your life.However , starting to do practise this activity can be

difficult at the begin for most of us,In this article , we’ll look at some of the small

ways that you can have get started and have a more productive time.


If you’re looking to become a better person in your life , getting to look in the

mirror(in your mind ) is a huge step in the right direction.This will help you reach

the goals that you set and ultimately give that push you’ve always need to do

more in your life.We’d highly recommend that you seek professional help where

you can, speaking to a life coach or a counsellor after reading this guide.Will

make this activity more effective , allowing you to practise more frequently.
























The very first step that you’ll have to take when you’re starting out , is try to set a

time for this activity.The truth is , were all got other obligations to carryout during

the week and this can make it harder for us to just find the time for ourselves.You

being able to schedule it , would make it easier for you to select a time that works

for you or one that fits in your daily routine.


So that even if you’d like to self reflect at work , using the time during your lunch

break would be perfect because it doesn’t interfere with everything else you’re

doing.When you make it more convenient for yourself , its going to become very

simple to make it part of your daily routine.







Sometimes in order for us ti think clearly , this environment that we’re in has ti be

conducive.Its going to be harder for you to stay focused in a room that’s noisy ,

than a room thats quiet.Thats why you’ll have to disconnect yourself from

technology for a while alittle bit of self reflection , you having your phone with you.


Being on Instagram will only destruct you and prevent you from having some

alone time to think about the day , which is why it would be best if you limit the

amount of things that might disturb you. If you’d like , you could go to a place like

a park and do this activity from their from time to time.Nothing beats sitting down

under a tree and thinking about the way you can do things better.






















Questions Are Essential


Who ? , what ? , when ? and why ?.Are just some examples of words that have

sparked many of the ideas that you see today , questions are the one thing that

will allow you to fix the problems in your life.


Getting to have time to reflect on ourselves , is like looking at a mirror and

interrogating ourselves before we make any decisions or are looking to try and do

things better.There are so many questions that you can ask yourself during this

time , that will help you change the approach you have in life.




Writing Things Done


Lastly , you’ll need to be in the habit of writing things down.Its easy for us to forget

what we think about and having a notebook or small dairy with you , will make it

easier for you to start applying your thoughts and make them into reality.



Being able to find time to sit down and look at your life , is all about finding ways

of improving yourself.So you’re not doing it because other people are but its

because you’re looking to get better , writing everything down in your dairy is the

first step to take when changing your thoughts into reality.At least you’ll be able to

have a place were you can fall back on , when you’re looking to keep yourself on

track with achieving your goals.


Hopefully these tips come in handy when you’re trying to improve your self

reflection skills , in order to become more productive during that time.





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Date : 10 Jan 2020

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