why teenagers refuse to do anything


Why Teenager Refuses To Do Anything


























The most interesting part of parenting is when you start to handle teenagers ,

when our children get to their teens.They might begin to act differently towards us

the parents , which might be because of all the changes they’re going through

(Puberty).If you can’t cope with your teenage children any more , you don’t have

to worry because many parents go through this.


Hopefully by the end of this post , you’ll be able to start handling your children

better and make them less defiant.Which will ultimately allow you to improve your

home environment , even the best of family's do go through alittle bit of

problems.Its how we get to deal with these problems that make us better as a

family , so keep on being positive and things will change for the better.


Below are some of the helpful tips that may allow you to get your teenagers to

listen more and get their attitude under control.















How Does It Make You Feel


Am sure when you send your teenagers to do something for you and they refuse ,

it can make you feel alittle bit bad.One thing to note is that your children might not

know how their attitude makes you feel , a good thing to do is try to sit down with

them and talk to about it.Doing this might be something that would actually give

you a more productive result when it comes to coping with defiant teenage



Having a good ground to communicate and talk about these things with them , is a

very important activity to do.You’ve got to remember that you’re not dealing with

toddlers any more , so teens should be able to express themselves more

eloquently and this makes for a productive family meeting.




Do You Treat Them Like Teens


Often , parents would continue to raise their 13 year old children and still treat

them like they’re still young.Which will leave you to do most of the things for them

and this is wrong raising children that feel entitled to being treated a particular

way. When you don’t give them what they want , they’ll start to have a negative

attitude and this is not good in the long run.


Which is just a reminder that most times , the way we raise our kids from the time

they’re toddlers is very important because of the impact it’ll have on them when

they get older.So if your son or daughter can’t be controlled , then you might have

to check your parenting skills before you lash out at them.















Discipline Teenager For Not Listening


Ultimately ,each parent has to make sure that they bring up their children the best

way they can and the only way to make a stubborn teenager obey you is through

discipline.However , its important to that when you lash out on them without fully

addressing the wrong they did.


It doesn’t really solve the problem at all , discipline is all about them becoming

more accountable for the things that they do.The punishment that they from you

when they’re unruly towards you , shows them that there are consequences for

acting that way.So don’t always yell at them because there are better ways of

disciplining our children without shouting at them.




Parents Being Rude Is A Problem


Sometimes our children don’t get to do what their told because of how we respond

to them , having a negative attitude towards them is what would make our

teenagers refuse to do anything that we tell them to.


If you continue to treat your children like this , your negative attitude would rub off

on them and this is something that can be prevented.So start being in the habit of

being more friendly towards them and allow them to feel your love , as well as the

comfort you provide them.















Social Media & Influence


There are alot of things that can influence your teenage children to act differently

towards you and one of the most common ways in which their attitude can be

influenced is through social media or other platforms on the internet , even though

it might allow you to stay connected with family and friends.They might get to

adopt some of the behaviour that they see from people you might not share

values with , which can cause you to have misunderstandings.


The thing is not all things that are on social media or the internet are bad and to

combat this , parents should always be willing to share their values with their

teenagers.Guiding them through life is your responsibility as a parent and talking ,

is always a good way to get started.



Those are just some of the reasons why your young adults might not listen to you

,if you’ve seen on or two things that might be true.Then you’ll need to take the

appropriate steps to get the to change.


Keep a positive mindset and you’ll be able to consistently put in the effort to make

them better , but if you need more resources from us.Then we’d recommend that

you visit the positive parenting website for all your needs , as they provide you

with information that will benefit your parenting skills.


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