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Positive Words For Your Children






























One of the things parents have to do when it comes to creating a good living

environment for your children is to be more positive , by making sure that your

always speaking highly of them. Using meaningful words to express how you feel

about them is something that can help you show your kids that they mean alot to

you , in this article will look at some of the messages that you can tell your kids.


As parents it’s essential for you to be able to spend time to know your children , its

only during this time that you’ll be able to say these kind words to your them.




















I Love You


Parents need to make their young ones feel that they’re loved and cared for ,

telling them tat you love them might seem like something small but it can have a

huge impact on how they feel. We need to show as much love and affection

towards our children , being close to them is what will allow them to feel the

support that you’ve got for them.


Which can also give them the confidence to do more with themselves , these

three words are a must add to your parenting vocabulary.



Am Proud Of You


This has to be one of the most uplifting things that you can say to your children ,

hearing this from you can be just what they need to feel and do better.Whenever

you get to see some good in your children like for instance , when they display

good behavior or are performing well in school.


You’ve got to make an effort to show them that you’ve actually noticed the effort

that their putting in , its all comes back to being supportive.Every parent takes

some pride in their children and getting to show it to them is more meaningful , so

don’t wait till its to late to tell them that you appreciate their efforts.



That Was A Good Choice


Being able to let your children make some key decisions like picking out what to

eat for supper or what gifts to get , will give your children a chance to express

themselves more often.Telling them something positive about the choices that the

make can also make them believe in their decision making skills and also fuel

their beliefs in themselves.


This is just something to encourage your kids to be more proud of the things that

the do , because if the don’t get to believe in themselves.Then its going to be

harder for them to be more comfortable doing things on their own.




















I like Your Smile


Giving the children the confidence in the who they’re as a person is something

each parent should try and promote each day , because sometimes our children

might feel like if they look a certain way then they aren’t good looking.


Children can easily get influenced by the things they read and watch over the

internet , telling your kids something positive like this will make it easier for them

to feel comfortable with how they look from a young age and it’ll also let them

know that you appreciate their smile more.


Your children should feel like they don’t look good enough cause it’ll affect their

self esteem , so giving them the sense that they were wonderful made is very




You’re Smart


Parents should always aim at inspiring their kids to do well in school and telling

them this right before they go to school or whenever they’ve got exams can add to

their confidence , which will give them the fuel that they need to do exceedingly

well in their education.


You being involved with their education is just as important , because its always

nice for them to be as successful with their life as you were.However , its also

important for you to set them up for success by providing them with all the

necessary equipment that the need.



Am Grateful For You


In life there are so many things that we go through , which can cause us to feel

alittle bit sad and unhappy with the way things are.


However we should be grateful for people that are close to us , which is why you

need to tell this to your children each time you get the chance to.Making sure that

you take a few hours out of your day to be with your children and tell them this ,

will allow them to feel how important they really are to you.


Mentioning that your thankful to them is also a good way of making sure that you ,

give them the value of being thankful for the people that are around them as well.




















Just Have Fun And Be Happy


Another set of encouraging words for kids is telling them that they’ve got to be

happy , this is a great and important thing to say to them.Showing them that

happiness stems from within us and not from the materialistic we surround their

selves with , having fun will make them have those great moments that will last

forever.Promoting happiness in their lives is something very essential for us as

parents to do , tell them to go outside and have fun and enjoy their childhood.



Don’t Give Up


Parents should let them know that it’s okay if things are hard , showing them this

is just being truthful to them and let them know that life is not just always

great.Giving them these words of encouragement will feel them with positivity and

motivate them to continue trying harder until they get there.


The way we deal with our childrens failures , will have a huge impact on how

successful their going to be in the future. Always be their to make sure that they

continue to go on and pursue their dreams.



You’re Special


Being able to make your child feel loved as well as special is important , most of

the time you’ll need to have moments where you can just get to really male your

children know that they’re unique.You can do this by making it a fun time for them

and write down something special for them on a card , so that its something that

they can always remember even when you might be far from them.



You’re The Best


Children need to get encouragement if you would want to inspire them to so

something great with their lives and telling them this , is a great way to start their

day and make them feel like they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.


Saying positive things to kids can have a big impact on how they feel and knowing

that you’ll always be their to have their back , makes it easier for them to be at

their best. So whether you’ve got a son or a daughter , always share some kind

words with them when you’ve got the chance.



Its all about making sure that your children feel like your care and support towards

them , giving them the confidence they need to believe in themselves can make

them do alot of things. Positive parenting is what will make the family environment

much more conducive for your children to feel like they belong their.


Hopefully you got a few things out of this post and use them to uplift your children.





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