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How To Use Less Technology


























In this modern day and age , where the main driving force for all our information

as well as entertainment is found on the internet.We find ourselves constantly on

our phones and other electronic devices , each and every hour of the day.It would

be good to unplug and take a break from our phones but this can be a very hard

thing to do.Getting to detach yourself digitally once in a while , does have its

benefits and this is why looking at some of the simple steps you can take to limit

the use of technology.Would be just as essential in terms of improving your



Just because our daily activities involve the use of our smart phones , it doesn’t

mean that they get to control our lives.Unplugging yourself means taking a step

back and allow yourself to let go of your attachment to all forms of technology ,

this doesn’t mean that you completely get rid of it.However , it helps us become

less addicted to using our screens constantly and try to use your time fir

something else.There is more to life than just a few likes and clicks , below are

some of the things you might want to consider.















Reduce Your Social Media Usage


The best way to ensure that you’re going to take a break from technology , is by

reducing the amount of time that you spend on your socials.Most of us only get to

use or smart phones because of apps like Facebook , Instagram and

Snapchat.Even though we get to use these for communicating with our friends

and family , its easy for us to keep on scrolling even when we aren’t really talking

to anyone.


Which will only make us waste our time , when we’d have used it for something

more important. Thats why limiting the amount of hours you spend on those

applications , would allow you to reduce the time you spend on your phone



Have A Schedule


Keeping yourself busy will allow you to get the most of the work done during the

day and it’ll also double up as a way to get rid of the electronics while you work

,whenever you stay glued to your screens.It becomes harder for you to get work

done, to help you combat this.You might want to create a schedule , having a

routine is what will allow you to plan your day and guide you om the things that

your supposed to do.Which will help you stay focused , leaving you with less time

on your phones.Our productivity is very important and its one if the main reason

why we need to limit our use of technology.















Be More Active


Living a healthier lifestyle is all about being more active and this means , being

able to move alittle bit more whenever you get the chance to.Getting to go out for

a walk in the park , is a really good way to spend your time.Not only will you get

some of that vitamin D from the sun, but will also give you an opportunity to

breathe fresh air.When you get to do things like this , it becomes much easier on

you when it comes to taking a break from the internet , because you’ve got more

things to do.



Find A Hobby


A big advantage of living unplugged is that get to actually do the things you love ,

having a hobby that you like to do.Is one thing that will keep you entertained and

make your time go by just as fast .Try to develop a skill in something that you’re

always wanted but never had the time for , is a pretty good thing to consider when

finding a hobby.This will help you keep your mind off the internet and other

technology for a while.
















Set A Screen Limit


If you set a daily limit in the amount of time you can spend on your screens , this

would definitely come in handy if everything else that we talked about earlier

might not be working as good , as it intended to be.Limiting the amount if hours

you use the devices your used to isn’t that simple but , it can be done if you’re

willing to control yourself.Its all about being able to find ways to feel that void of

using your smart phone with something that’s more time consuming.


Everyone needs to take a break from technology at least once in a while , it

doesn’t have to completely out off but rather relax on the usage.living unplugged

definitely has its upsides and your eyes will need to rest too.


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