Wake up with no motivation



Wake up with no motivation








































Struggling with feeling motivated is something that we all go through in life, not wanting to

do anything but stay in bed all day isn’t the right mindset to have if you’re looking to attract

more positivity and holding yourself back from unleashing your true potential is something

that has to stop.


Waking up ready to take on the day is more than just going out and succeed but it’s also

about having the right mindset because changing the way we think can do a lot for us,

approaching challenges with a positive attitude is what will help you overcome them.





Feeling Burnt out


Lacking the motivation to do anything isn’t always about not having the will power to push

yourself but sometimes it’s all about feeling at your best and this only happens when you

start taking care of your body because health is wealth, when you wake up feeling tired it’s

a good indication that you’re not having enough rest.


Sleep is what helps us rest and reset our minds so that we can do more for ourselves but

when you neglect it and try to run on coffee the whole day, you’re going to feel burnt out

because you lack the energy to remain productive.


Show yourself some love by developing a self-care routine to help you show more

appreciation to your body because the do all the work, so prevent yourself from

experiencing burnout and you’ll find it easy to feel great.



















Past Mistakes & Failures


It’s hard to move forward with your life when you keep on dragging the past along with

you, the great thing about life is that you determine what happens next and in as much as

failures or mistakes can make any individual feel bad about themselves.


Hiding these moments is only going to make it difficult for you to overcome them, the

experiences that you get in life are part of you and the best way to turn those bad times

into great ones is by learning from them.


We all get to make mistakes once in a while but learning from them is what prevents us

from repeating them, outgrow your short comings by acknowledging them and not acting

like they never happened because you can use them as a stepping stone to get better.





Failing before You Start


When you start to constantly think about how big the task you have to do easy before

putting your effort into it, the possibility of tricking yourself into feeling defeated is high and

most individuals aren’t motivated to do anything because they fear failure.


Failure is just part of success and being able to try is the only thing that’s separating you

from achieving your goals, you don’t always have to fully understand something before

starting it because us you work through it you’ll be able to figure it out.


Starting your day with the mindset of failure will only attract negativity because that’s all

your mind gets to see, think differently for a change and leave no room for laziness or




















Your Success


The definition of success into world is all about having the fancy cars and big luxury house

but in as much as those are the items that come with being successful, having the correct

understanding of success is important.


Don’t drawn any comparisons in life because each person is has got a different race to

run, the good thing about success is that it has got no distinct route.


Which should even be more of a source of encouragement for many of us that are trying

to do our own thing, it’s important to understand that the small things we get do each day

will place us on the right track to achieve our goals.


Don’t look down upon yourself because you lack all these things, if you keep on putting in

the effort you’ll get their eventually. Be willing to follow through with the process.





Focusing On What You Want


With all the obstacles that we get to face on a daily basis, it becomes very difficult to see

focus on our goals when we let our guard down and allow these challenges to get the best

of us.


Experiencing a life without any challenges is a myth and even though no two problems are

the same, overcoming them is something that each individual should do because these

obstacles aren’t meant to break you but build you up.


Keeping your eyes focused on what’s important will help you pay less attention to the

things that don’t matter and allow you to constantly move forward, seeing better days in

your life only happens when you don’t give up.



















Have A Route


Planning plays a very important role when it comes to achieving goals in your life because

a good plan is what will allow you to stay focused and in as much as good things come to

those that wait, its how we choose to wait which is essential.


By planning out the things you’re going to do during the week, you get to eliminate a lot of

unnecessary activities in your life and sometimes it’s these very things that might have

been preventing you from progressing.


 Taking control of your time is what will help you rearrange a lot of areas in your life and

place individuals in the right position to invite more positivity in their lives, so take a few

minutes at the end of each day to reflect on what has to be achieved.





Motivation is the fuel that keeps us moving at each moment in our lives and when you

wake up without feeling driven to do anything, don’t take it as a sign to give up on yourself

because each person struggles with this problem at some point in their lives.


However your response to feeling this way is what will determine what happens next

because even the small choice to get up and be productive will make a difference,

overcoming the challenge of staying in bed is an obstacle that should be defeated if you’re

looking to make a positive change in your life.






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Date : 4th March 2022

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