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How Parents Can Help Kids Lose Weight


























As guardians, one of the most essentials roles that we have is to keep your

children  healthy. Making sure that they maintain their weight is also important as

this will  allow you to prevent them from becoming obese at a  very young age ,

which can  cause them to go through alot of problems both physically and

emotionally.In this  post will look at some ways that your teens and kids can start

to lose some weight , so by the end of this you’ll  be able to deal with their weight

much more effectively.



Before we look at some ways to help your children lose the weight that they might

have put on , its important for us to fully understand the meaning of obesity.

According to an article written by Amanda MacMillan on the webmd website, this

is a term that is  used when you have accumulated more fat than you actually















You might be asking yourself how exactly you find out if your children or teens are

obese , well one way to do this is by checking out what the value of their BMI

score is.This is a value that you as a parent should always track in order to keep

your childrens well being in check , making it even more important for us to keep

track of this score.


The Body Mass Index also known as known as BMI , is a measurement that you

can use to find out whether you’re overweight , underweight or just the right size

for your build.All you need to have if you want to find out this index is your weight

and your height , once you have these measurements you can use a BMI

calculator to find a corresponding value.


Typically , a good BMI score should fall in between the range of 18.5 and 24.9. If

you find that the weight actually falls below this range , then the individual would

be considered to be underweight and the would be considered overweight if the

weight would be above the range.




1. Parental Involvement


One way to ensure that your children get to lose weight is by showing your

support.The best way to do this is by becoming a role model, which means that

you have to lead more by example.


The only way to ensure that their on the right track is showing your support , be

sure that you’re playing an active role inthey’re weight loss.Doing this will make

them feel that you’re with them each and every step of the way , it’ll also give them

the confidence to keep on trying to get to their goal weight Motivational support is

essential for children whenever they’re going through any major changes.














2. Getting Rid of The Negativity


Being children , it might feel like its very difficult for them to lose some weight.

Which is why its very important for them to get rid of the negative thoughts that

they might have, the only way to achieve this is by thinking and being positive.

Having this kind of mindset will always bring the best out of them each and every

time.This will also allow them to continue to try hard and get to their goal weight ,

because they believe that they have what it takes to get there.Which is why having

this mindset is an essential when it comes to losing weight.



3. Activity Is Important


Am sure most of you as parents , can look back at your time as a child and all the

fun that you had playing outside.Well these days, its alittle bit different for our

youth as most of the time that they spend goes to their mobile devices.


This can cause them to be less active and this could cause them to only have a

gain in weight , which is why as a parent you’ll have to ensure that you find ways

for them to stay more active.


This could mean that you’ll have to limit the amount if time that they spend on their

mobile devices and you can replace this time with alittle bit of some physically

activities.which will not only allow them to burn some fat but , also allow them to

improve the strength of the heart too.Each parent should set sometime within the

week where you can workout out as a family , this is a nice and fun idea to try.














4. Healthier Options Will Lead To Weightloss


One of the main ways that individuals gain weight is by eating unhealthy foods,

this is especially true in the case of children as they like to eat food(Junk) that is

very high in fats and carbohydrates.Junk food is great but its very unhealthy for us

if we eat this food more frequently , which is why having them switch to healthier

options will help improve their well being.


The trick to doing this is to make sure that you have some fun and exciting ways to

prepare the meals that they love with healthier ingredients , this will limit the

amount of calories that these meals contain and also reduce the fat content.


You can also use this as a way to try out some healthier dieting patterns like for

instance trying plant based meals , eating plant based can help you in many




5. Teaching Them About Health Habits


Habits are practices that are done without being planned or having any thought to

it , which is why Teaching the, some good eating habits will allow them to look after

their weight much more Effectively. Like for instance , telling them to drink more

water and less soda might seem like a small Change.


However , this can reduce the amount of sugar and calories that children take in

on a weekly Basis.Making these small changes can ultimately make them lose

weight as well as allow them to maintain it easily.














6. Be More Involved


Weight gain in children can be as a result of emotional or even sometimes

physical abandonment , which is why its very important for each parent to ensure

that you become more involved with the lives of your children.Being Involved with

your children will allow them to have a deeper connection with you and its a great

way on finding out how they might be feeling , doing this will give you some insight

on their well Being.



7. Sleep Is Important


Did you know that sleep has a big impact on the amount if weight you lose ?,

which is why getting enough rest is very essential for your teens and children to

do.According to sleep foundation ,children should be able to rest for more than 7

- 8 hours per day . 


When you don’t get enough rest , your bodys metabolism will not be upto speed as

some processes with the body happen as we sleep.When you don’t rest for long

periods of time , it can cause some imbalances in the hormones within the

body.Especially in teens that are going through puberty and this can cause some

weight gain.














Those are some of the ways that you can use to help your kids and teenagers to

reduce their weight, the best thing to do is keep on practising these tips more

consistently to allow them to be in a better position of losing weight.Remember

that these are children and this is why these tips are not to much for them to

handle , you as the parents should be too hard on them as well . Be there to cheer

them on and join in on  the fun too.


Being Positive is the most essential thing that you need to have if you want to

improve your child as well as the lifestyle of the whole family.


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