What every child needs from their p
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What Every Child Needs From Their Parents























Children are the ones that bring alot of joy to us as parents , because of all the

time that we get to spend with them and especially when we get to see them

grow.When they’re still young however ,children need alot if things from us to help

them succeed in life.


Knowing what your children need is very essential and is the responsibility for

each of us.In this post will look at some of the major things that you’ll be required

to provide for them, by the end of this post you should be able to add a thing our

two to your parenting routine to help you get better as a parent.Below are some of

the things that every child needs for them to grow and develop




1.Responsible Parents


The very first thing that children need is from you as a parent is to be responsible

,this will further put your child in a better position to have a brighter future. Being a

parent means that you’ll have to provide them with the things that they need to

improve  their well being but most importantly, you’ll have to lead by example.


Children often get to learn things much easier if they see that their parents are

practising the same things , therefore its important to remember that the way

you’re acting will greatly affect the behaviour of your young ones.Being

responsible will make you provide the best for them.




2. Children Need To Be Happy


Being a child is one of the best times to go through , as you get to experience

things for the first time which can be very exciting and fun.Getting to play fun

games outside is very essential for your child , as parents you’ve got to be able to

provide your children with good memories and try to put a smile on their faces.


Keeping your children happy is very important as it’ll keep them from feeling like

you don’t care about them , happiness is one of the key things that everyone

needs if they want to remain true to themselves.











3. Good health


Ensuring that your children are healthy will allow them to grow up without any

medical problems and one of the best things to ensure this is to setup

appointments with your family doctor , taking this step might just be what you

need to maintain your familys health.Checking up with your doctor is essential as

they’ll give you a medical perspective on your wellness of you and your children

too , having a medical opinion is very important.


Another important aspect of healthy living is nutrition, children need to have the

right amount of nutritional value in the meals that they eat.Having this will ensure

that they grow health and also prevent any stunting from occurring.


Other activities like giving them the right eating habits can also help them to

maintain their weight and ensuring that they have some physical activities is a

must , as this helps with the development of bones and the strengthening of

muscles in children.




4. Children Need Your Time.


This has to be the most important thing each child needs from us as parents ,

having the time to be with your loved ones is a very essential part of providing a

healthy living environment.As you get to spend this time with your child , you’ll be

able to strengthen the bond that you might already have and this will allow them to

feel more comfortable around you.


When children feel this comfort from their parents , they’ll be able to express

themselves and this way you get to know them really well.All they need is to feel

that special connection with you , so try to sent out sometime to spend time with





5. Children Need Guidance


As parents, the thing that you need to be prepared to do is give your child some

guidance.As they start to grow older , they’ll get to experience alot of things that

might be totally new to them and you should be there to offer them your guidance

to help get them past whatever they might be going through.


This should be seen as an opportunity for you to start modeling their life to what

you would like it to be , because ultimately they’ll decide what will be done to their

lives.So guiding them should equate to controlling but , should be seen as lending

a helping hand .











6. Children Need Confidence


Being confident is very essential if you’re trying to become successful , which is

why children need this if you’d want them to be successful.When they get to

believe in the their abilities that they’ve been given or learn’t , it becomes very

easy for them to succeed at anything that they’re involved with.


If they lack the self confidence , it becomes very hard for them to actually express

themselves at any occasion.Which can prevent them from providing a positive

impact on society, is not good to keep great ideas bottled up inside.



7. Showing Your Support Is Essential


The most thing that your children will need is your support , as this very important

when it comes to being successful.This support can be shown the in the form of

attending your childrens plays , sports events and being more involved in their

lives is a positive start.


This will give them the extra morale to be the best at each and everything that

they do, showing your support will definitely go along way.So try by all means to

be there for them when they need you to be , it makes a big difference when they

spot you in the crowd during their big event.




8. The Need Love & Affection


Showing your love and care towards your children is very essential for us as

parents , doing this will make them feel special and also help them draw closer to

you.The good thing about this is that you can show it in small ways too , giving

them hugs and kisses is a great way to start.


You can also tell them how much you mean to them , these small things when

added can have a very large impact on the kind of relationship that you have with

your child. Don’t deny them of your love and care , so make them smile and feel

special with some sweet  words.











9. Getting A Good Education


Each and every child needs to be educated , being able to gain knowledge is one

of the best gifts that you can give as a parent.When you provide them with the

opportunity to learn something , it’ll be used as a door for greater possibilities

which can lead to more success.


Teaching them how to read from a very young age is something that you might

want to look into , because the earlier they start to learn a few things and get in

the habit of obtaining different information.The faster they’ll be able to adapt to it

and according to an article by the Facts for life website , Children are able to

grow  as well as learn rapidly.




10. Children Need Discipline


The most essential thing that children need from you is discipline , being

disciplined will allow them to be more responsible for themselves as they grow

older.The main question parents are often asking is whether you can show your

child discipline without being to harsh , well the answer is you can .The only thing

that you’ll have to ensure is that you properly carryout your strategy , if you don’t it

can only cause your children to start to distance themselves from you.




11. Children Must Have Safety & Comfort


Children need to feel safe and comfortable in the environment that you’ve

provided for them and this is a very important point each parent should remember

, as it can have a very large impact on the relationship as well as the bond that

you’ve created.


If your children don’t feel that you’re providing that comfort and safe , it’ll only

cause them to go and look for something that will give them that feeling from

somewhere else and in most cases it usually might lead them to do something

that won’t be right.


Giving them a good and safe environment is what you should be able to give them

, if you want them to grow up feeling loved and cared for.











12. Give Them Personal Space


Being a strict parent can have its advantages but , it does come with its

disadvantages as well.One of them is that you deprive your children of having

some personal space , due to you being constantly on them and everything that

they do.


Limiting their personal space can prevent your child from experiencing things for

themselves and this can pose a big problem , as this will only limit their abilities as

well.Giving them some personal space will allow them to feel free to just be them

for a while , which is good for forming character as well.




13. Children need to be Positive


Lastly, children need to have a positive approach towards things.When they’ve got

a positive mindset to the way they approach things , it becomes more likely for

you to achieve the things that they set there mind to.The best way for children to

have positivity is by looking at the bright side of things , children are too young for

them to be filled with negative thoughts.




Those are some of the things that your children need from you in order to grow up

and  makes some properly decisions, hopefully you picked out some of the

important things that you might add to your daily routine.


Post By Lifestyle’N’stuff.

Date 05 Jan 2020




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