What makes a Bedtime story good


What Makes A Bedtime Story Good





























At the end of a day full of fun activities its time for our children to get ready for a

good nights rest , but most of our kids would want to do alittle bit more before they

go to bed.Having a great collection of bedtime story books , would definitely come

in handy at this point in time.Finding these stories is easy for most of us as

parents , because of the access that we’ve got to the internet.


However , theirs one common question that is asked by most parents around the

world and its the question of what makes a bedtime story good or whats the

perfect story to read to your children at night.Which can be very difficult to find the

best answer but , we’ll help you by giving you some things that you should

consider when finding the right tale for children.


Having this special moment with your children is not just about reading them a

great book , it’ll also help you connect with them on an emotional level as

well.Which is why every parent might look to add it to their children’s daily

schedule or atleast a couple of times during the week , this will help you to ensure

that they go to bed with a smile on their faces and its also a good way of showing

that you care about them.



















Another thing that we’d like you to try is having an actual hard copy version of the

books you’d like to read , this way you’ll prevent them from using their mobile

devices at night and also keep their eyes healthy.The blue light emitted from our

electronic devices can have a negative effect on our children’s eye sight , so

reading in a room that’s well lit is a great way to go.Below are some of the things

to consider when pick a night time story book for your children.



What Does Your Child Like


One of the very first things that you’ll have to consider as a parent is finding out

what your children love , getting to know the things they are into will allow you to

pick the appropriate book for them.Not all girls like stories about fairies and not

every boy would like to hear a bedtime story about superheros.


Knowing your kids only happens by spending time with them , reading bedtime

stories based on stuff that their interested in will keep them engaged and also put

a smile on their faces as well.


















Getting Into Character


Even if you get select something your child might like to hear you read , parents

should be able to keep your children entertained and interested in the story.Which

is why parents have to be able to get into character as you tell these short stories

to your loved ones , being able to play and act out the roles of the personalities in

the book will bring it to life.Therefore be more active as you read to them , would

also help if the get involved in the story telling as well.



Don’t Pick A Scary Bedtime Story


I know most of you would have already know this but , try not to tell your children

stories that will give them nightmare.This will only make them stay up at night and

in turn will also keep you up the whole time , which makes waking up in the

morning difficult.So if you’re trying to get them to go to sleep happy , read them

something great .


















Read A Short Inspiring Story


As parents , am sure we would all want our children to become great people in

society by getting to achieve something great.Being a supportive parent is all

about having the ability to inspire your children and motivate them in each way

possible , you can find a short story that will inspire them to dream big and fuel

them with that drive for success.There are many short tales about people that

have been able to overcome challenges in order to change things , our children

should be able to be creative and reading things like this to them would really



The feeling that they get to develop ( Self Confidence ) starts from home and

parents should try to do the best.



Character Building


Building up the characters of any child will take effort but using stories that get to

show them that good morals are valuable , is one thing that can help you have a

meaningful impact in their lives.


Picking out tales that build their character and not take away from it , is an

important decision you’ll have to make as parents.Knowing what kind of value

you’d want to impact your children through the story you’re going to read them is

essential , if you want to pick a great bedtime story book.



In conclusion , picking our the “best bedtime story book” for your kids isn’t just

about who wrote it or whether it has cool pictures in it.Its more about what type of

content your children would love to actually read.Knowing what your kids are into

makes the selection process much easier , not forgetting that you’ve got to impart

some useful knowledge that will build them up. Most importantly you’ll have to

cherish these moments that you share with them and have some fun because

they won’t always be kids any more , you know.So continue to spend more time

with them and shower them with your affection , when they need it.


Get to tell them a tale that will keep them happy and smiling as you read , don’t

forget that you’ve got to be active as you’re reading to them.


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