What makes parenting Difficult


What Makes Parenting Difficult










































Sharing our time with family and getting to share each others company is what

makes life as a parent worth it but the reality about being a parent is that its

difficult , even the moms that seem to have everything under control might have a

hard time with their kids.Which just goes to show that not everyone is perfect in

life and bring up children can be a long process for anyone , if you’re a newbie to

parenting don’t think that all the others are pros because it takes time to get a

hung of it and its a constant learning process for every guardian.


Don’t feel like your not trying to be the best for your children because here are

some of the reasons why parenting is a hard job for everyone but the world

without your family wouldn’t be as fun.




















Balancing Act


The most essential thing in life is time because its what allows us to have a plane

and allocating the right amount to the activities , will make it easier to get through

the day but being a guardian means you’ve got the responsibility to take care of

the need of your children and you know that they do need a lot of your time but

being able to share a couple of hours with your kids is what allows us to have a

stable relationship.


However , balancing your time is what makes bonding difficult because of the so

many other things that you’ve got to do and lets not forget that you’ll also need to

spend a couple of minutes to yourself.Even though it might sound like a lot , life is

all about learning how to balance things and the more you know who to do this the

better you’ll become at it.


Waiting for things to feel perfect for you to act might take too much of your time

and having a fixed routine is what you can use to manage your day properly ,

which is something that parents need to remember.





Outside Influence


Living in the age of technology and the internet , it plays a big part in the way our

children are able to get information and the truth is parents won’t always be there

to monitor their kids but them receiving information within clicks is really good

when it comes to building up on their knowledge.


However , its not so good when they view content that they aren’t supposed to

see and them having easy access to phones only increases the chances of these

things happening but this is why parents will have to be more careful about what

kind of content you show your kids because it could either make them or break






















Setting The Bar To High


The things that we do as parents can also make life hard on yourselves , one

example of the things that we do is putting too much expectations on them

because we’d all want them to do better for themselves but this doesn’t mean that

you should be unrealistic with the goals that you set for them.


Putting too much pressure on their lives can put more stress on them and when

they fail to achieve these goals , it’ll make you feel even more stressed out and it

might cause you to treat them badly but its high time that parents learn to accept

your children for who they’re and not for what you’d want them to be because you

can only build on what you’ve got in front of you.





Being The Perfect Parent


Another reason why parenting can be tough is because we’ve got so many

responsible in front of us and when it comes to our children , we get to look at

what other people are doing in terms of the way the conduct their family  but doing

this can make you seem like you’re not doing a great job even when you are.


Having the idea of being a perfect parent should be far from your mind , the only

thing you’ll need to think about when doing this is becoming the person that your

kids need to have a brighter future because every child is different from the next

and what worked for them might not work for you.




















Parenting is A Process


We’d all like things to move quickly because doing things fast is always something

that we prefer but one thing about parenting is that you cant be in a hurry to do

things , everything takes time and sometimes when telling your children to act

properly but they start throwing tantrums instead.


It can make you feel like quitting on them because children can be really difficult

to handle at times but this shouldn’t be something to think about and when you

get to see your kids behave appropriately in the future will make you feel proud as

a parent , everyone goes through the tough moments because of the love you’ve

got for your children.



Its a long walk to the end but parenting is all about family and at the end of it all ,

you’ll feel happy to be a mother because of the kind of children you’ve raised but if

you’re having trouble with this then try out positive parenting solutions for help.





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