what parents can do whenchiurts their feelings


What Parents Can Do When Child Hurts Their Feelings


























When your child hurts your feelings its really difficult for any parent to remain calm

because them acting badly towards you can feel disrespectful but even in this

situation , parents really need to be mindful of the way they respond to their

children because the way you act towards them might have an impact on your



The kind of connection that you’ve got with your children is very important as it’ll

allow you to be more involved in their lives , so to prevent you from picking up the

broken pieces that are left from your relationship and help you handle things in a

better way.Here are some of the things that parents can do when their children

treat them badly.



Communicate Your Feelings


Just because you’re a parent it doesn’t mean that you can’t express the way you

feel at any point because communication is one of the most important aspects in

any stable relationship , as it’ll help understand what the other person is thinking.


When your mad and you yell at your children because of how they’re treating you

,it might not be the correct way to handle things and it can make the situation a

whole lot worse than it should be.


Having a friendly approach is always a good way to settle an argument and

getting to sit down with them is a great way to let them know the know the impact

of their negative attitude , communicating is all about making sure that they

understand you and not trying to yell at them in order to make things right.















Comfort A Child Who’s Upset


Maybe they’re acting this way towards you because of some other reason , being

a kid doesn’t really make life any different because challenges and adversity does

come in different faces,Its very easy for your children to be going through a lot in

their lives and having a bad mood is the end result but the bad part is that the

parents will be on the receiving end of all this hate.This is why we talked about

communication in the point above , getting to the bottom of that problem is what

will allow you to fix it not only for the mean time but for the future.


A good parent is always supposed to be there when their kids need them the most

and its on days like these when they need your shoulder to lean on , that will

mean the so much to them because comforting is the only way they’ll be able to

feel better about whats going on around them.Don’t always feeling like your child

has got a bad behaviour whenever they give you a negative attitude because

there might be a lot more to it , which is why you’ll have to make sure that you talk

to them about it.



Parents Should Let Go


When your grown child hurts your feelings it can really leave you in a terrible

mood because they mean so much to you and you might also think that all the

things that you taught them have all been flashed down the drain , but holding on

to this feeling will affect the way you enjoy your time together as a family.


Parents need to learn how to let things go and the best way to start doing this is

but remembering that your kids are still growing up and they won’t get to handle

things in the same way they did , because they’d have learned from there



Holding grudges against your kids for something that they did , will only leave the

door wide open for negativity to impact your lives and ruin the relationship in the

home.Forgive them and move on with your lifes because every family has these

very problems but leaving things on a bad page is all up to you ,  learn to let go of

things that happen.














Don’t Be Mean To Them


Its really hard to stay calm in these moments because its hurtful but having this

type of attitude will prevent you from dealing with this problem , being a parent is

difficult and one thing that you’ll always have to keep in mind is that you’ll have to

lead by example.


Our children learn so many things from us and handling yourself correctly is one

way to help them learn how to handle themselves , so try not to yell all the time

and if you need to spend sometime alone before you talk to them .Then that’s

something that might help you stay relaxed , its not about how fast you get to

solve the problem but more about dealing with it for good and rushing through it

doesn’t do that.



Those are some of the thing to do when your child hurts your feeling because

ultimately , they’re your children that you love and care for so much .If they do this

to you don’t  feel like it’ll always be like this because it’ll be better for both of you

later own.


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