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At one point or another , your children well come and ask you if they could keep a

pet.Which is perfectly fine if you’re for it , but before you go ahead and look for a

nice puppy for your daughter.Here are some of the things we feel parents need to

consider before adding a new member into your family.



Age Group Of Child


The very first thing to think about before into their demands , is acknowledging the

age of your kids.Even though you’ll , be lending a helping hand here and

there.They need to be able take responsibility and also look after their pets , its

not going to beeasy for toddlers to look after a companion correctly.



The Space In The Home


Another item that you need to talk about with your kids is the environment , even

though they don’t necessarily need a bed to sleep on.They’ll still need a place

where they’ll be able to setup for the night and you not having the right amount of

space in the home , will make it very difficult to keep their pet of choice.They need

to be able to move around without you worrying about their safety.













Taking care of a dog or a cat isn’t just about feeding them , you’ll also have to be

fully committed to be taking them to the vet for treatment.Which can be expensive

at times , depending on the kind of animal that you’ll decide to keep and if you

rush this decision without having to know what you’re required to do when it

comes to medical expenses.It’ll become very difficult to manage.



A Pet Substitute


If your daughter wants to get a puppy and you don’t think its appropriate for her ,

maybe it would be a great idea for you to replace it with something smaller like a

hamster.Just because your kids want to have a new friend , it doesn’t necessarily

mean that you need to get them something common and being creative with the

way you make your selection.





The last thing you’ll need to think about when you’re asked for a four legged friend

, is how much time are your children willing to spend with looking after their pet.

Taking care of animals isn’t the easiest thing to do , keeping them healthy will

require alot of love and care from the household.


Am sure that your loved ones would love to have a new member added to the

home but before that happens , you’ll have to make sure that everything is all set

and prepared so that it’ll be easy for the pet to feel at home when it arrives.












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Date : 14 Dec 2020

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