why are you the way you are


Why Are You The Way You Are





































Most of the time we think about what makes as who we are , its easy for you to

start thinking about all the genetics and other biological mechanics that build us

up and make us the people that we are today.Even though science does play a

big role in our daily lives , its not the only thing that makes you unique and

special.In this post , will look at some of the simple things that will give you the

answers that you’ll need to this big question.



Your Perspective Of Life


One of the things that gives people a different look  , is the way we view our

lives.Our perspectives of life is what matters the most because we get to go

through so many things and sometimes , the hard times can look like they’ll never

end but its our mindset that will allow us to try and make the best of the situation.


Nobody said that life would be simple but it all comes down to what we choose to

see , which is what makes life more valuable.No matter how much motivational

content you read or how many bad times we go through , you’re the difference

maker and the way you think about the situations you’re in.Is what makes us who

we are.














Your Beliefs


We’ve you something that we believe in , whether it might be religious or anything

else.These things that we choose to believe in will control the decisions that you

make both now and in the future , being yourself involves alot of self discipline

and this is what makes our lives the way we choose too.


Even though you setup small rules for yourself or setup goals , its you being able

to choose not to live a certain way that make you more unique.So if you’ve been

feel less of yourself , always remember that what you choose believe in makes a

really huge difference.



The Choices That We Make


One of the greatest gifts that we’ve been given in life is , the ability to be able to

choose.There are so many things that we pick in our lives that will affect us in the

long run of things , which is why they play a big part in the people that we’re going

to be in the future.


Sometimes , its easy for us to feel like only the big decisions matter but even the

small ones do.Which should serve as a reminder that , we need to be more

careful about what you choose to do.Take your time and don’t rush when making

decisions , its easy for you to make mistakes if you don’t rush into things.















People Are Important


In life you cannot do anything without people , the colleagues that we surround

ourselves with.Do play a really big role in the way we view our lives , just like the

old saying goes.Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are , whenever

we need help or advice on a particular thing in our lives.We would most likely go

to our friends for help , making them very influential in our lives and thats why they

help is build our character.


Getting to surround yourself with people that are positive and are looking to

achieve different goals in their lives , will allow you to do better with your life and

help you stay focused (motivated) when it comes accomplishing your life

plans.The truth is that , not everyone will support your ventures and having people

that always have your back throughout all the hard times.



Life’s Experiences


Experience is the best teacher and one of the few ways that you can actually

make you , you. Life has got its good moments and also has a few rough patches

here too , sometimes going through these things will change the way we

think.Which is why they play a really big role in forming the people that we’re ,

never think that the wrong choices that you make  don’t have benefits.


If it wasn’t for failure and bad choices , you wouldn’t know what the right way to do

things is. You need to embrace things as they come and learn from them because

that’s what life is all about.















What Do You Want To Achieve In Your Life


The goals and objectives that you get to set for yourself , is what would allow to

be person that you are.Everyone has got different aspirations for their lives and

this is what makes them do what they love to do , setting goals for yourself is what

will give you a direction on how to carry yourself as you live and help you avoid

destruction’s.Finding what we value most in life  , is what will give us a purpose

and its through this. That we can start creating a life that we would want to live in.



So there’s more to who we are than we think , even though our genetics do play a

huge role in how we look like.There are so many things that also make us human ,

the thing that we get to do on an everyday basis.Even though they might be small

, really do play a big part in being the person that we get to see in the mirror.




If there’s on thing that you need to take away from this post , is that you’re unique

and special.The fact that you’ve got a very different look on life is what will make

make the world a better place , things would be quiet dull if we all though the

same.So the least you can do is , own who you are and keep on doing

you.There’s so much more from life and the best version of ourselves is what will

keep us happy


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Date : 02 Feb 2020

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