wat to do when teens won't clean up their rooms


What To Do When Teen Won't Clean Up Their Room


























Having a neat and clean home , is something that each and every parent should

promote because it allows everyone to remain in check and gives our children the

opportunity to improve their personal hygiene.


When you walk in your teenagers bedrooms and find that its in a mess , what are

you supposed to do as a parent and how would you encourage them to tidy up

their spaces ?.These are the two main questions that we’ll be focusing on in our

post and hopefully , it’ll allow parents to deal with this situation easily the next time

theirs a room that’s not in order.
















Don’t Clean It For Them


If you’re looking to tidy up your teenagers for them and let them find everything

organized , then you’re thinking about this the wrong way.You need to remember

that your children are grown up now and are supposed to do certain things by

themselves.You always looking out for them by doing their dirty work , would only

make them feel more entitled to be treated like they’re still young.


Parents need to refrain from doing these types of things for they’re children ,

especially when you’re dealing with teenagers.That’s one of the very first things

that you’ll have to take note of.When they pass the age of thirteen , they’re old

enough to make their own decisions and do things by themselves.



Encourage Them Not Force Them


Am sure you know that with children that are teenagers , you’ll notice that they

like to have their own privacy and you interfering by entering their rooms without

them knowing.Would only cause conflict between you and your child , instead of

trying to force them to clean up their rooms.


Try to encourage them to do it , you don’t always really have to shout and yell at

the top of your voice when trying to get things done.Approaching them in a

friendly manner would help them get the job done , talking to them might also

reveal then main reason they’re room is a mess.Being at this stage , alot of things

can be going on in their lives and can affect the way they carry themselves.


















Chores are a good way to ensure that the whole house is kept clean and its a

really good way to encourage them to clean up after themselves.Them getting to

pull their own weight in the home , will make it easier for your children to clear up

the mess in their rooms as well.So instead of letting them focus on one particular

area in the house , it would be helpful to give them chores and add that to the

list.Giving them chores also allows them to become more responsible and

accountable with their lives.



Setup Rules For The Room


Creating some house rules would definitely help you keep the place nice and neat

, rules enable you to keep things organized.Just like before , adding a few key

points to the house rules is what will keep your teenage children in order and with

rules come consequences.Which will be used when , they feel to do what they’re

supposed to.


A few things like not eating in the room or living dirt shoes in the laundry room ,

are some of the small things that you can do to prevent them from making a mess

in their bedrooms.


In ending , parents will also have to set an example of them to follow.Making sure

that you also display some of the good habits that you’d want them to practise ,

will make it easier for them to reciprocate.So try to always take the lead in and

motivate them to stay clean.


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Date : 07 Dec 2020

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